Hyperion component

Hi there,

How can I find out which settings are changeable with home-assistant? I can only see, that it support 16 modi.


Hi Daranto,

what are you after? are you able to see you hyperion setup in HA?

if not, take a look at my config, it might help:

    - platform: hyperion
      port: 19444
      name: TV Lights

Here is the card you get when you have switched them on


thanks for the answer but this didn’t help me. The component works. That is not the problem. I need the supported actions from this component to use them in scripts. Here is an example (rgb color):

    alias: "Hyperion Off"
      - service: light.turn_on
            - light.openelec
          rgb_color: [0,0,0]

So I need the other options which I can call with a script.


Ah I see now.

It’s a good question, I know that this software is still under active development but I do find that sometime it’s hard to find out more about a component other than what is listed on the component pages themselves.

Is there anyone that can give us a helping hand on how to analyse the components themselves to know what options they do and don’t support?

Hi @daranto

i’ve found another topic that is talking about the same type of thing, i might be work closing one or the other and participating in just one discussion?

Not sure whoe the mods are, but if anyone knows, is it possible to merge the 2?



The second topic is from me yes but its a complete different question. I am still searching for the options.

Myother topic is solved and can be closed.


Hi @daranto,

the linked topic is not one of yours, it was stated by @shooks and references the default_colour parameter that is in the code but no accessible via the config

You can use hyperion effects with Home Assistant:


how did you manage that?

I’ve seen example here:

and replicated his steps. It’s all working for me very nicely. I also made Hyperion drive my Hue bulbs to create an even better ambilight experience.

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@SmartValley are you able to share your config to enableing this.

I assume you are using and automation, rather than using the hyperion component itself?

Actually, dont worry i think i get it now.

it would be amazing if this was all contained in the component however

Great, otherwise if you need any help just say. It would be nice if all was incuded in the component, agreed.

Otherwise yes, I am using automation, shell_commands and input_select to make it work.

I’ve sorted it all now, thanks for highlighting this to us @SmartValley

@SmartValley, @Joeboyc2,@daranto
I would be interested whether it is possible someway to get a dimmer working as it can be found in the Hyperion app, and as it works for most other lights in HA, as here for my hue

At the moment I use scripts to trigger my colored themes. However it would be nice to be able to dim the Hyperion lights via emulated hue in Echo and to use transition in scripts (as Alarm clock)
Is there any way to get this going?

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to get dimmer working. I think someone has been asking the same question back over at the Hyperion Forums but developers told him, that unfortunately there is no way to change brightness level…Hyperion app has it, but I don’t know how it could be replicated to work with HA.

There is a major new version coming out soon, it’s called Hyperion NG and it should be much much better then the current one. Also the app is in developement and it looks fantastic.

Too bad.
I was thinking of getting some pi zeros with wifi to do some led lighting, just for the ease of it and in combination with the color mood scripts this might be fun. But without dimming and control via Alexa, this does not seem to be the right thing.
Don’t like it too much to have many different protocols floating around in my home (Already Hue, Hyperion and Infrared for now. Getting otherwise a little confusing sooner or later…

Thanks for the hint on the new Hyperion NG.
Gotta keep that in mind for the future :slight_smile:

It might be worth taking a look at Ben’s git hub https://github.com/bruhautomation/ESP-MQTT-JSON-Digital-LEDs for an alternate solution

Thanks Joe,

yes I checked that tutorial already as well. I just liked the idea to use the same protocol for both, and as I already know how to set Hyperion up this was easy. Guess this has to wait then, until I have more time :wink:

May I ask how you managed to get Hyperion to drive your hue bulbs? Could you maybe post some sample code? I’d be really interested in doing this too, I have a wall light either side of the TV which provides both down and up lighting, it really would flood the walls around the TV with ambient colour!