I got HA installed in container at my Qnap... Now what? How to get integrations to work? (Edit: changed to VM)

I got HA installed in container at my Qnap… Now what? How to get integrations to work?
I went to integrations and chose INTEON. It then asks for IP address and I give it my HA IP address, with Port (local, then I got to that link, but I get 404 error… Why? What IP/port is required is HA is not ok?

Open page in your Home Assistant?

You’ve been linked to the page that will start setting up a new integration.


Your instance URL:

One another point… Qnap repo HA version is 0.65.5… Is that really latest HA container??

I presume you mean Insteon

The docs explain what information you should input but it is almost always asking for info of the device or hub you are setting up. In some cases discovery automatically captures this info and you need only enable it

That version is really old, over 2 years. Better install a recent version.

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wherecan I find Newer Version? All repos have only 0.65 version docker file…

where is that configuration file? My menus are missin alot…

Dockerhub has newer versions.

Not sure how access that in snap but link may help you


The one provided in Qnap Container Station was really (really, really,) old. Looks like qnap didn’t bother to update its source/repository.

Could your qnap run VM at all? Is it with a x86 CPU? How many RAM do you have?

I’m about to recommend you go check these threads first:

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@jhalttu You can pull the latest image in container station then install from that, see images below.

In ContainerStation:-

  • go to images on the bottom left
  • click on Pull on the right
  • enter homeassistant/home-assistant as the image name
  • click pull

Once it finishes downloading, you can click the + sign to the right to create the container, then follow docs here, after a couple minutes, go to http://qnap-ip-address:8123 and setup HA.




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Thanks all. I think i change to VM version, because it is better (add-ons)… My Qnap has I7, 32Gt so it will handle it.

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I got VM isntalled and it was EASY! Insteon devices would automatically start to pop-up =) NOW I just have to run around house to check items and rename them in HA … I never did make any XLS of them =)

Thank you all! Now I just have to start diggin in and find out what fun to with this…