I have a problem with my theme, the sidebar does not take the right color, how do I solve it?

Good evening, I have a problem with the themes, the sidebar with all the buttons for the various screens does not take the right color, how do I solve it?
this is the theme https://github.com/RWGaMeR/itchsblogHA/blob/f56d9d0e013c304c0f7852c4f3aa11305bac31a8/graphics/themes/DarkItchsblog.yaml and the color is this #37464f
I don’t know if it’s a bug or my mistake
it happened after I updated from 0.107.7 to 0.108.3

Had the same problem.
Check out this post

I can’t solve how they proposed to you because I have already entered the configuration they proposed to insert

This was what fixed it for me
Add this to your theme:
Try doing a restart so update theme is loaded

  sidebar-background-color: "var(--paper-listbox-background-color)"
  sidebar-icon-color: "rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.70)"
  sidebar-selected-icon-color: "var(--primary-color)"
  sidebar-selected-text-color: "var(--primary-text-color)"
  sidebar-text-color: "var(--primary-text-color)"
  slider-bar-color: "var(--disabled-text-color)"
  slider-color: "var(--primary-color)"
  slider-secondary-color: "var(--light-primary-color)"

see: Sidebar Background color Hassio V 108.2
it also lists the source of the solution by @SeanM :wink:

thanks, I have resolve