Ikea Tradfri switches "long press"

I use Ikea Tradfri switches to toggle some lights.
Every light has its own button on the Tradfri remote.
Today i added one more light into our sleeping room.
Idea was, to activate this using a long press on one of the buttons.
This works, but when i long press one button, the action that is triggered with the “click” (single press) is triggered too.
Is there a way to distinguish the single button press and the long press?
Actually there is a simple automation for every light. Nothing fancy.

Maybe you could make use of the automation i made for a Xiaomi switch


There are six events for the IKEA E1743 (On/Off button squared).
3 events for each button:

  • Release after short press
  • Long press
  • Release after long press

So you should turn on the first light with “release after short press” and the second with “long press” or “release after long press”.
It sound like currently you have the first light turn on, on a “long press” instead of “long press release”.

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Hi @RetroButton,

You didn’t specify, but you seem to ve describing a problem with E1810 controller and not E1743 as @Burningstone is mentioning.

The E1810 controller supports by firmware click, hold and release for each button, except the middle one, which is different. This one supports click and hold, however, when the button is held, it also fires the click action. This is not something you can avoid by configuration or anything, it is the default functionality of the controller and there is no way for you to know that the click is coming from click and not from hold. IKEA has done this because the middle button is used for syncronising the Tradfri lights to a default setting. You can see this behaviour in this original video from IKEA, where the lights turn off when holding (because the click is fired), and then sync when waiting for the 3 seconds.

As of now, I don’t know any work around for this, maybe someone else can help for the solution. I know of the problem, and I live with it since I use ControllerX to handle my lights and the sync is implemented the same way as IKEA does, but for z2m, deconz and zha.

I hope this can help you :slight_smile:

Xavi M.


It is the Ikea 1810, forgot to mention this.
So it seems that i can switch the additional light in our sleeping room only from the app.
Thought i can program it on a long press, but this seems not to work, when there is a short click function on the same button.

Correct, if you program anything for the click action, when you hold the button, it will be also called because hold action calls click as well. You can check the logs from zigbee2mqtt or the events for deconz_event or zha_event, whatever integration you are using. You will see what I am saying that click and hold will be shown when holding the button.

Xavi M.

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