Inkbird Integration: Add WiFi devices Support

The problem

Inkbird now makes WiFi devices. They were previously known for Bluetooth devices.
I have the ITC-308 WiFi device and would like for the Inkbird integration to support it.
Currently, the Inkbird Integration only supports Bluetooth devices through the Bluetooth Integration.
When I try to add the Inkbird Integration, I get the error:
“No devices found on the network”

I think it should be easier to scan for and add IP devices than Bluetooth so I am hoping this integration can be updated to support this new device.

I would be happy to provide any details or logs to help with this effort.

What version of Home Assistant Core has the issue?

Home Assistant 2022.11.4 Frontend 20221108.0 - latest

What type of installation are you running?

Home Assistant Container

Integration causing the issue


Link to integration documentation on our website

Hello yes, I came to ask the same thing. I have an IPT-2CH Inkbird WiFi Heat Mat Reptile Thermostat Controller Temperature Controller with 2 Probes and 2 Outlets, IPT-2CH Reptiles Heat Mat Thermostat (Max 250W per Outlet)

I tried to work this around in local tuya but there’s something wrong in the tuya app that doesn’t allow the device to completely install (even though it shows an exact picture of the device). So for now, I’m stuck with inkbird and no way to get it in HA.

I have two of these regulating temperature in my worm🐛 farm

I can provide whatever logs or whatnot. The device itself works great with inkbird.

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I also have an inkbird ITC-308 WiFi . I use it as a fish tank temp monitor / controller. Getting this fully integrated with HA would be great. I also can provide logs and info.


I just learned that using it through tuya (to get it into HA) is not going to be an option for a while.

So that means there’s no available workaround to get it into HA right now.

I would love to get my IBBQ-4T working in HA!


Been working for a long time

I have bought a
Inkbird IBS-TH3, missed that it was TH2 that was supported. It would be great if someone had the spare time and knowledge to look into getting wifi devices to work.

I used the Tuya integration instead, worked fine. But it would be great to be able to use Inkbird as well.

Hey nice! Maybe a stupid question but how do I install this?

It is documented in the readme for the most part. First thing is do you have the integration (localtuya) installed and connected? If not, you need to do that first. That is beyond my instructions.

After that, there are several sensors and automations you create, all of the YAML is posted in GITHUB. So is the dashboard YAML which is a single card view so you can put it in your overall YAML as a view or create a sidebar with it.

Which part are you having an issue with?

Aaahhhh, that’s it. I missed Local Tuya. I’m gonna try it. Thanks

Yes. The standard Inkbird integration in Home Assistant is for Bluetooth only. A’int no Bluetooth gonna reach my grill area where I am cooking whole animals, requires Ethernet reach.

Unfortunately, tuya, including local tuya is not working with IBS-M1 generation 2.

Curious if you had success with integrating this through Tuya.

Yes you can connect it via tuya. The it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. I talked to them and they suggested I put in a request with the manufacturer and they’d do the same. Tuya basically told me that inkbird isn’t letting everything come through and that’s their choice to make. I haven’t tried it since but it would’ve needed dev work before it could be “fully” integrated.

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Thanks for this follow up. Could you clarify what you mean in terms of what does and doesn’t work.

If the wifi integration isn’t supported I suppose I’ll stick to the “dumb” version outside of HA, but appreciate any clarification.

For sure, the graphs were not included but I think (im doing this from memory) when I got it into tuya, sure I could control it on and off with the press of a button but didn’t allow you to set the thermostat (nor did it recognize it as a device controlled by a thermometer).

So I could get it in there, turn it on and off, but couldn’t set the high/low points nor were they recognized for proper functionality (without me manually turning it on or off) so I had no choice but to leave it in inkbird to ensure basic intended functionality.

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Hi All,

I have had a ITC-306A for years on my shrimp tank, as well as hassio, and Tuya local
Time to integrate the two :slight_smile:

Is anyone able to help with the sensor/dp configuration needed ? I assume its a climate device?
I have tried, and it says unavailable (I use Tuya local for other devices)

+1 me on this… Have a walk-in cooler that will be running 2 of the Inkbird 308 wifi models.

Support for 308 WiFi would be great

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