Inovelli Blue 2-1: Automation/Blueprint to dim/brighten lights while paddle is held/released

I feel like this is a pretty big topic but I haven’t found a proper solution for my setup. I’ve searched, but if I missed it, please link me to the instructions :slight_smile:

Switch: Blue 2-1
Lights: Hue Canless Downlights in a light group (NOT via zigbee)

I can’t seem to get a proper dimming automation to work. I want the light group to dim/brighten while the paddle is being held, and stop dimming/brightening upon release. Right now I’m using either this blueprint or this HACS integration. I have seen in some of these older forum posts about people using a loop for this specific scenario, but I’m not well versed enough in HA to know how this works exactly. I’ve also read that it seems like there’s no way to make this work while seeing the dim/brightness in real time/near real time while holding the paddle, and that you only see the change upon release of the paddle. An evil I’m potentially OK living with as long as I can get the dang brightness/dim hold automation working.

So, can anyone help a poor soul out here with the trick on loops or getting this particular need figured out? Thank you!