🔴️ Inovelli RED Led Status Change for Garage + Door Lock [ex: August/MyQ/ZwaveJS] (zwave not required)

I’ve but together a blueprint that will set an Inovelli Red Dimmer with an effect and a color based on the status of a cover (garage door) and a lock. There are 4 states:

Garage open/closed and Lock unlocked/locked.

Garage Door Lock
Garage Open Door Unlocked
Garage Open Door Locked
Garage Closed Door Unlocked
Garage Closed Door Locked

Additionally it will fire off a notification to a mobile device.

Demo Video Here

This blueprint will depend on the ability to call two services which are scripts forked from brianhanifin

service: script.inovelli_led
service: script.inovelli_led_set_defaults

One will set an effect on the LED while the other will then update the colors post-effect.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

The blueprint will make use of the two following scripts that were forked off of brianhanifin’s repo:


Hi Jeef,

Thanks for throwing this together.

Any way to add additional locks and/or garage doors easily?

Probably. What locks?

Happy to work with you to try it out. Right now there is a zwave flag on the lock but if I remove it it will probably grab any lock I think. Same for any cover.

Actually I think it will work with any lock as-is

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Awesome! All my locks are Z.Wave.

I believe you are correct, when I changed your default lock (August) or Cover it provided a drop-down list that had my devices as the selection.

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Looks like you don’t actually need Z-wave locks actually

This is great and so helpful!

It appears to be working well for me, however I am seeing a few errors reported in my logs. For the scripts, what’s the best way to bring them into HA? Do you move the files physically over or do you copy/paste the YAML? I’m wondering if this may be related to the errors I’m seeing in my logs.

Both errors indicate that it is: “Unable to find service script.inovelli_led”

The LED light is changing as expected to the associated color, so it’s working…just wondering if I did something wrong in configuration that would mitigate these errors in the HA logs.

I think you can manually put them into your scripts / automation folder

On my phone at the moment so I can’t check right now but maybe somebody else would know.

Dang, this is sweet @jeeftor – do you mind if we link to this in our community? We’re also developing a vast knowledge-base of tutorials for Home Assistant (and other hubs) and it’d be cool to get your thoughts once we launch it.

Thanks for putting this together, it looks awesome!

No problem → although I think I posted it somewhere over on your forums at one point…

@jeeftor would you please share what specifically you have in your configuration for the script reference folder or directory?

I can’t seem to get rid of this error, so I’m clearly not setting up something correctly to import these scripts into my setup.

I’ve tried manually copy/pasting the YAML into the scripts editor within the Web UI as well, but I still get the error in my logs about being unable to find the inovelli led script.

Is that what you are looking for?

(I’m running supervised mode FYSA)

Thank you.

I still haven’t yet figured out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve placed both YAML scripts into folders for SCRIPTS and AUTOMATION aside from manually trying to create them via the UI, but I still get this error when it runs. However, the LED is changing properly, but my logs are being filled with this error.

Logger: homeassistant.components.automation.inovelli_red_series_lzw31_sn_dimmer_led_notifications_based_on_combo_of_door_and_garage
Source: helpers/script.py:1344
Integration: Automation (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 17:02:51 (4 occurrences)
Last logged: 17:06:36

Alert - Mudroom - Inovelli Red Series LZW31-SN Dimmer - LED Notifications based on combo of Door and Garage: Choose at step 1: choice 3: Error executing script. Service not found for call_service at pos 2: Unable to find service script.inovelli_led
Alert - Mudroom - Inovelli Red Series LZW31-SN Dimmer - LED Notifications based on combo of Door and Garage: Error executing script. Service not found for choose at pos 1: Unable to find service script.inovelli_led
Alert - Mudroom - Inovelli Red Series LZW31-SN Dimmer - LED Notifications based on combo of Door and Garage: Choose at step 1: choice 1: Error executing script. Service not found for call_service at pos 2: Unable to find service script.inovelli_led

Any ideas or suggestions? I’m running Home Assistant OS on a NUC.

UPDATE: Think I FINALLY figured it out. Adding the files manually to the SCRIPTS or AUTOMATION folders did not work, and it looked like the manually created script was not named “inovelli_led”, so I had to manually adjust the scripts.yaml line to this name and the error appears to be resolved. FYI in case anyone else runs into this issue.

Anyone else having trouble getting the inovelli_led.yaml script working? It seems like the inovelli_math ‘function’ is calculating the wrong values.

For anyone trying to use the inovelli_led script and zwave_js there is a bug in this script. You have to remove the first part of the sequence that “clears the previous” notification.

          # Clear the previous effect.
          - service: zwave_js.bulk_set_partial_config_parameters
              entity_id: "{{ entity_id }}"
              parameter: "{{ parameter }}"
              value: 0

sending a value of 0 seems to cause bulk_set_partial_config_parameters to throw an exception. After I removed that, the script worked perfectly.

I’ll try to update this at some point-> I’m slammed lately with life (too many kids and too little time)…

I have a 2 garage door system, how do I add multiple garage doors / multiple locks (in the future) to this blueprint?

I have two garage door covers and two doors with locks. I use groups to combine them into two entries based on the type. It means it doesn’t tell me which door or cover is open/unlocked, but it works since the color tells me if it’s a door or a cover, just not which specific one is open or unlocked.

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And really we all just want to know if the kids left the garage door open all night long! :slight_smile:

Loving this! Thank you for putting it together. I have a couple of feature requests.

  1. The ability to set the led brightness level from the blueprint UI.
  2. Make the notification field optional. Right now I can’t save the automation with the field blank.
  3. An additional option to set the led to off after the effect duration has passed. Or, just when the lock and the garage are both closed. If I know that the led is only off when both are closed, then that would give the same amount of info as a persistent green led.

@jeeftor This is my first attempt at using a blueprint and dealing with scripts. Can you give some instruction on how these additional scripts can be included. Im not quite sure where / how to include these.