🔴️ Inovelli RED Led Status Change for Garage + Door Lock [ex: August/MyQ/ZwaveJS]

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I’ve but together a blueprint that will set an Inovelli Red Dimmer with an effect and a color based on the status of a cover (garage door) and a lock. There are 4 states:

Garage open/closed and Lock unlocked/locked.

Garage Door Lock
Garage Open Door Unlocked
Garage Open Door Locked
Garage Closed Door Unlocked
Garage Closed Door Locked

Additionally it will fire off a notification to a mobile device.

Demo Video Here

This blueprint will depend on the ability to call two services which are scripts forked from brianhanifin

service: script.inovelli_led
service: script.inovelli_led_set_defaults

One will set an effect on the LED while the other will then update the colors post-effect.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

The blueprint will make use of the two following scripts that were forked off of brianhanifin’s repo:


Hi Jeef,

Thanks for throwing this together.

Any way to add additional locks and/or garage doors easily?

Probably. What locks?

Happy to work with you to try it out. Right now there is a zwave flag on the lock but if I remove it it will probably grab any lock I think. Same for any cover.

Actually I think it will work with any lock as-is

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Awesome! All my locks are Z.Wave.

I believe you are correct, when I changed your default lock (August) or Cover it provided a drop-down list that had my devices as the selection.