Install Home Assistant as a VM on Unraid

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The video version of this tutorial can be found here: install Home Assistant as a VM on Unraid.

Step 1: Get qcow2 image
Go to and get the latest ova qcow2 image and unpack the compressed file.

Step 2: Prepare Unraid

  • Go to the settings tab of your Unraid server and ensure that VM’s are enabled in the VM Manager settings.

  • Go to your shares tab and ensure you have a “domains” share and that the SMB is set to export

Step 3: Copy the qcow2 image
On your computer, access the domains share and copy the qcow2 image to the share

Step 4: Setup New VM

  • Go to the VM tab of Unraid and select “Add VM” and choose Linux as the type

  • Give the VM a name

  • Select the cores to assign to the VM

  • Set the amount of RAM

  • Under “Primary vDisk Location” select “manual” and then select the image file we copied into the domains share. This will be located under “user” in the first drop down

  • Under “Primary vDisk Bua” select “SATA”

  • Pass through any necessary USB devices such as Zigbee hubs

  • Click “Create”

  • A new VNC window should open and run through setup. When you get to the login propt you can close the window

Step 5: Test Access

  • Open a browser and go to homeassistant.local:8123 to access your new Home Assistant instance

This isn’t a guide. It’s a link to a video that will soon be out of date. Post the written instructions in the first post in the topic so they may be edited in future.


Thanks for the feedback. I went in and added the written steps.


Perfect. Thanks.