Installing Home Assistant OS on a Mini-PC

Ubuntu isn’t a supported OS for a Supervised install. Check this guide for a more detailed walk through of the install process.

I’ve started with HA on Ubuntu before, had to change to Debian, because I had some issues. Can’t remember anymore exactly what. I do remember the important part - it did not worked perfectly :slight_smile:

I got mine working now on a Beelink T4 mini. I installed the Generic x86-64 image and here is how i got it working.

  1. Download and flash Ubuntu image on a flash drive or SD card. Any ubuntu will do. I used 20.04

  2. Copy the downloaded haos_generic-x86-64-6.6.img.xz image into another flash drive or SD card

  3. Boot with the ubuntu flash drive but select try ubuntu without installing

  4. When ubuntu is booted, Insert the second flash drive

  5. Open the flash drive and right-click on the HAOS image, open with disk image writer

  6. select the T4 mini disk (or NUC or your laptop) as the destination and restore

  1. When completed, shutdown ubuntu, remove the 2 flash drives and restart

I just bought a Dell OptiPlex 3040 i3-6100T Micro (SFF).
Will Home Assistant run on this as a stand-alone server?

Yes it’ll be great. How much RAM?

It should work. Just remember to Make UEFI Boot mode is enabled and Disable Secure Boot.

You can follow my guide above if you want to use the entire system for HA OS

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Sorry to everyone that responded to my question, I’ve been having too much fun with this setup.
For RAM I just upgraded the RAM from 8GB (2x4GB sticks) to 16GB (2x8GB sticks).
For now, I am running Home Assistant Core now I am thinking of moving up to Home Assistant Supervisor.
I am so glad that I tried this software again, it was 3 yrs ago when I tried it for the first time. I am so glad that my IT education has paid off…lol