"Instant trigger" for specific sensors with manual alarm

When I arm_away I’d like my door sensor to trigger with a delay, but if a motion sensor is tripped the alarm should go off immediately.

This custom alarm panel component can do that:

I had the same problem and decided to improve the product and add that capability. Please take a look at the following pull request: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/41657 . Main problem is that I wasn’t able to get anyone to look at that and merge it in. Maybe if you comment on this one it will get some traction.


Hi, what does this feature look like? I would also like to control the delayed zone and the instantaneous zone

I’m not sure what the “custom alarm panel component” is. I don’t see it as an integration or anywhere in the documentation. Besides, the request above is more about the alarm logic, not a panel feature.

I have a similar need. Sophisticated alarm systems have the ability to have some sensors trigger an instant alarm vs others that have a delay.

So for example, let’s say you arm your alarm in “away” mode. When you return you want the alarm to be triggered when the front door opens whereby the alarm then normally enters the “pending” state to allow you enough time to disarm the system. The sequence of events and states is: alarm_trigger > pending for delay_time > triggered for trigger_time.

On the surface this doesn’t seem very difficult, but I’m ignorant to the details involved in the code. But it would add a level of robustification to the manual alarm.

But if a burglar kicks in a side door or breaks a window while I’m away I want those sensors to issue a different alarm trigger, one that skips the pending state and goes straight to triggered. The sequence would be: alarm_trigger_now > triggered for trigger_time.

I included the link to it in that two year old post. The custom alarm integration/panel is called Bwalarm.

However as it happens, two years later, there is a better option. See if you can find the link in this post:

The link was and is to an easy to set up custom integration that provides an alarm system, or “alarm logic”, with delays as requested.

The custom integration linked in this post can do all you requested and more. It’s set up via a GUI, so couldn’t be easier.