Insteon configuration panel

I am working on it. I am thinking this is a multi-step process.

  1. Create a custom panel that would require you to download a java file and modify configuration.yaml to install.
  2. Create the add on that Paulus referred to.
  3. Try to find a way to install the add on when you install Insteon

Not sure number 3 above will be possible but the first two are definitely doable. Just not sure how to do them yet so a good amount of work for me to figure that out. Once I figure out how to accomplish number 1, number 2 should be fairly easy.

teharris1 How can i send you a donation for your work!


Thanks for taking this project on.

I would be willing to contribute for your work also.

Same here.

I appreciate it but all good. What you can do is help me find someone who understands frontend development cuz this stuff is confusing.

I have an early Christmas present for you all!

The beta version of the Insteon control panel is available to install as a custom panel. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Download the zip file (insteon_panel.tar.gz for Linux or for Windows) from the most recent release: Release Initial beta release · teharris1/insteon-panel (
  2. Create a www directory inside your config directory.
  3. Unzip the content of the zip file from step 1 inside the www directory this will create a directory called insteon_frontend (i.e. you will now have a <path to config>/config/www/insteon_frontend directory)
  4. Add the following to your configuration.yaml:
- name: insteon-frontend
  url_path: insteon
  sidebar_title: Insteon
  sidebar_icon: mdi:server
  module_url: /local/insteon_frontend/entrypoint.js
  embed_iframe: true
  require_admin: true

The exact steps will be dependant on your system but I will try to help if possible (also I would appreciate if you would all help each other on this too : )

Finally, this is an AS IS solution for now. I am working to build this into the core Home Assistant so that you don’t require the custom panel but that is a few months away. I am not planning to make updates to this custom panel so that I can focus on getting this into core. Thanks for understanding.

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Thanks Very much. I will load this up on my dev home assistant unit tomorrow. Understood on helping each other and no real support beside what we provide each other.

This is fantastic! Thank you!!

I’m really jazzed about this - thank you for your continued work! I just tried setting this up and get the below error and haven’t had a chance to dig in why yet, but if someone knows what it is quickly that’d be great. I’m 99% sure it isn’t an issue with the module_url as changing that gives me a different error saying the js file can’t be found.


What version of HA are you on?

| What version of HA are you on?

Yeah, me again - sorry.

Home Assistant OS 6.6 on a rpi4

Also, I’m happy to try to dig into this as well, just won’t be able to until at least this evening. If you have some thoughts as where to start looking too that’ll save me a bunch of time.

@jlambert121 I am on that same version and it works for me. Try entering this link on your browser:
http://<ip address or host name>:8123/insteon/devices

Also, make sure the configuration.yaml file uses name: insteon-frontend. That and the module_url are the most important pieces of the configuration.

I was just typing a “nope, no love” response, but I figured it out. It works in chrome, not in safari!

The safari console has a Invalid regular expression: invalid group specifier name c.0c13a8ab.js:1238

Google took me to this SO article that makes it look like it’s the look behind query here

This looks really neat - thank you for your work on this! I think it’s the missing piece for me to completely remove Indigo. On the “All-Link Database” tab, “Load from Device” (and waiting 30 mins) doesn’t show anything - I wonder if that’s related to my issue loading new devices. Likely using the same service underneath though so probably not a great data point.

Thanks again for your effort on moving Insteon forward in Home Assistant!

Wow, thanks for figuring that out. That RegEx line is there to ensure any Insteon device address is in fact a valid address. I can recode that to make it compatible with Safari perhaps.

Installed it this morning. Looks good so far. Will run through and post if I encounter any weirdness.

@teharris1 , The Insteon panel looks great. I see how you can add a link, how would you delete a link, mark is as not in use?

Any chance we could get an option to add/delete a device to/from the PLM?

Yes, marking the link as not in use is the same as deleting it. When a new link is written it will likely use that record and override the link that is not in use.

The next version that I am planning to build directly into HA will have the ability to add/remove devices easier and to manage links between devices. Most of which can be done without needing to touch the device.

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That sounds great. If you need a tester for the add/remove code, please let me know.

Thanks so much @teharris1! I’ve been wanting a feature like this for the two years since I moved my insteon network from Indigo to HA. I was able to install this easily and get it to work. The first thing I was able to accomplish was adjusting the LED brightness on one of my keypadlincs. Looking forward to updates. A suggestion would be enabling it with HACS as an easier way for installation and updates.

One thing that doesn’t work is accessing the insteon panel on ios. I can see the side panel icon but get the message “Error while loading page devices.” This happens in the ios Home Assistant app, Safari, and Chrome. It’s also persistent between my duckdns with port 8123 and the link.

Let me know if I can help test future updates.

@brianmaas Thanks for the feedback. I suspect the issue with IOS is similar to the issue @jlambert121 mentioned regarding the regex issue in safari. If you are able to try Chrome on IOS that would be appreciated. if Chrome works then that would confirm the issue most likely.