Insteon Thermostat 2441TH


Is the Insteon 2441TH Thermostat supported? It doesn’t get discovered and even with device_overide it isn’t added. All my other Insteon devices are discovered.

I’m currently using Ver 0.80 Hassio on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+


Currently not. It is next on the development list. It is close to complete and should be available in the next few releases (i.e. about release 0.82 or 0.83)


Great. I will keep an eye out.


Any update on this? I have 0.82.1 running and it doesn’t pick up in the Insteon thermostat.

Would be happy to beta test, with the limited time I have, if needed.


I am willing to test this as well.


Now on 0.83.0 and still not seeing the thermostat. It is the last thing I need on the insteon side.


Now on 0.84.2. Has there been any progress?


It doesn’t seem so as of yet.


+1 Waiting on this as well. Let me know if you need any help with beta testing.


FYI - I just merged a PR from a contributor to add Insteon thermostat support to the dev branch of the Insteon-MQTT bridge project (forum thread). It’s a different way to handle insteon integration than the built in system. If you’re interested in helping to test it out, feel free to download the dev branch and try it out. If you find any issues, feel free to open a github issue as I’m not sure the author posts here or not.


+1 Waiting on this as well. Happy to test if needed.