Integration to Zimi / Powermesh

Hi all, I am an absolute noob when it comes to Home Assistant and I am looking to add some more integrations on top of what I have.
My issue:
Six months ago, I bought a few Trader Powermesh light switches which all links to a Zimi hub and that works OK. But there is no integration to Home Assistant but there is an API available on the Zimi hub and Zimi/Trader has given me the documentation for this API.
I am probably not quite clever enough to write the integration to this API so I am wondering if someone else has already done this or if there someone I could turn to?
In hindsight, I probably should have considered this earlier when buying in to the Zimi but Home Assistant wasn’t on my radar then.
I know there are others in Australia who has asked for this in the past so I think it would make other people happy as well.

Thanks in advance and please let me know if more info is required.

You’d need to share the api.

I would love to share it, is there a way to include the document in here? Or can I upload it somewhere, like a public library, so people can access it?

Put it somewhere like github.

This is great, I’ve also spoken with the guys at Zimi recently and they shared the API documentation.

I’ve added to GitHib. Very keen to see a Zimi HA integration and keen to work with anyone that can create one.


Thanks guys, very much appreciated.
There is one other ‘thing’; The Trader Zimi guy told me that Beta firmware is needed on the hub for this to work. There is no cost for this but I had to send them a photo of the sticker on the back to show my MAC address so that they could load the latest.
Anyone else who needs this can do the same thing and please let me know if you need the contact details.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have 4 Powermesh switches working with a Zimi hub so if I can help with any testing etc, please let me know. I would love to help.

The supplied API is for the WiFi connection of the ZIMI Cloud Connect “hub” which sells for around AU$200. The hub, in turn, talks Bluetooth to the Powermesh devices. Since most controllers used to run HA will have built in Bluetooth, it would be nice to eliminate the hub and talk directly to the devices, but (I’m guessing) this API is considered IP and not available? Since your phone using the Zimi app talks directly with the devices using Bluetooth, it should be possible to use Wireshark to capture the packets and reverse engineer the Bluetooth API. Any thoughts?

I think you are much more au fait with API and integrations than I am so I trust what you are saying, it makes sense. You are right, I don’t have any API for the Bluetooth from the hub to the Powermesh devices.
What I am not sure of is how to set up and do the capture. I would be 100% happy to do this but I need some handholding.
Are you able to assist with that?

i have contacted them and apparently a 3rd party is working on the integration.

I contacted Trader a while back and they told me that ‘someone’ was working on some integration but not necessarily to Home Assistant but some third party commercial platform (which I obviously don’t have).
It would be great if someone could do an integration to HA.

It sounds like a few of us have reached out to Zimi now and it’s probably mixed messaging as it’s not official. I had been emailing their CTO at the start of the year and spoke with their developer more recently just before I saw this feature request.

From Zimi’s side, they are open to someone developing an integration for HA. Zimi are shifting their focus to IFTTT (underwhelming) and eventually HomeKit (no timeline).

Perhaps Zimi assume one of us are already working on an integration, which it sounds like is not the case.

Hopefully someone is able to put their hand up to get the ball rolling.

They haven’t given the bluetooth API.

Hi Stav,
When I spoke to Zimi (Trader), they sounded a bit like they didn’t really care about integration to Home Assistant. They seemed more interested in integration to commercial platforms.
I tried to push the line that if they could announce that they have Home Assistant integration, they would sell more product but they didn’t seem all that interested.
I am hoping that someone with coding skills can get involved and help with this.

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Hi Nick,
Yes I know and I don’t think they will release that. Its not really in their interest to do that, it allows them to keep selling Zimi hubs.
Someone here suggested trying to do a Wireshark capture of the Bluetooth between the Zimi hub and the devices but I have no idea how to do that. I Googled for it and didn’t really come up with anything solid how-to’s.

What they have released should (I think) be enough to start a cloud integration. Not ideal.

However I am not a developer, and I don’t have a hub, or even a device.

Zimi mentioned their gateway supports a local socket. So guessing that means an integration could be built around Local Push.

I’m not sure how to go about progressing this. Open to suggestions from all.

Does someone have the hub? Pretty hard to experiment without one!

Yep have a hub and happy to use mine for experimenting.

Same here, I have a hub and happy to help with whatever I can.