Integration with Daikin Skyfi app (Air conditioning)

Hi all,

I’ve made some modifications to Kabongsteves code as it wasnt working with my node red flows. AC mode was missing for the set state (i.e. would only turn on to previous AC mode, not a new one) and fixed the list of fan and ac modes (dry, fan_only).

All works with the new lovelace default gui.

Thanks to bircoe and kabongsteve.

Thanks for this, but am I missing something here? I’m trying to download the .py file from github, but when I click on it, I jump straight into the code? I know I downloaded Steve’s original file (and it works, just without the fixes you’ve put in).

Also I just read that they’re getting rid of the custom_components folder, is this going to cause issues?



kbs hasn’t merged the request.

You can access my version here:

You are correct about the custom components. Technically it should go under custom_components/skyfi/ (which is what i have done).

Thanks for that. I thought they completely changed the file structure on the latest release?

I was able to get it to work putting a manifest.json in the same directory. It then loaded OK.

[email protected]:~# cat .homeassistant/custom_components/skyfi/manifest.json
  "domain": "skyfi",
  "name": "Skyfi",
  "config_flow": true,
  "documentation": "",
  "requirements": [],
  "dependencies": [],
  "codeowners": [

[email protected]:~# md5sum .homeassistant/custom_components/skyfi/ 
bb7bc80ca6d8dbb9fc22fea80fe03327  .homeassistant/custom_components/skyfi/
[email protected]:~# 

Hi all,

I am looking for integration with Daikin DTA116A51 DIII-NET/Modbus Adapter into my Home Assistant, similar to this thread in Integration with Daikin VRV smartphone control.

Could anyone assist on this Daikin integration?

Reference Link:


Oh no. The latest update of home assistant seems to have broken my skyfi integration (again!) It’s telling me entity not found. It was working this morning. I have no idea why I update when it prompts me to. It always breaks something. Anyone else having issues?

Is no one else having issues on the latest release then?

Not yet. I didn’t update because of the breaking changes. I may get around to amending the code in the next week unless someone beats me to it.

Hi I’m mark
Could you please tell me if there’s a simple way to connect my Daikin SKYFi
With Alexa
Thanks kind regards Mark

There is, with this add on, it works with Alexa. You just have to say ‘Alexa, set Daikin to heat’ or cool etc. The problem for me is, since these latest updates, the Skyfi custom component is broken.

Same issue here, luckily I had snapshot of version 0.90.2 so I was able to restore to the working version.

Is there anyway to downgrade? I really want my heating and cooling to work, but it appears this thread it pretty dead (or people are busy getting on with their lives).

Not sure about downgrade. Im currently stuffing around porting the old skyfi component, so hopefully in the next week it will be working.

Amazing, fantastic. Thanks in advance.

I’ve managed to learn the minimum python necessary to get this working again. It definitely does not meet HA’s requirements for indirect interfacing through an API.

I have split the operations into their appropriate functions. Probably a few switch/elseif blocks could be made into dictionaries etc. Dont really have enough time to make it any cleaner.

I would like to add the outside temperature but im not sure exactly how to extend the device properly (as you will be able to tell from “outside_temperature variables”.

Its serviceable… May have some bugs.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Thanks man, I’ve put this in and it’s work now, not perfect, but its working. You’re a life saver. I’m scared to upgrade my Hassio now.

No worries. Let me know any issues and i’ll attempt to fix them. Slowly.

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Hey @splendstrom

Just reading through this, you’ve called it
Would you mind explaining where that goes in relation to


it should be
i think you also need the manifest.json mentioned somewhere in the same directory.

Ive been trying to get this going for months and would be interested to see if you are able to.