Integration with Daikin VRV smartphone control

Hi all!

Is there any way to integration SVMPR1 use modbus dta116a51 with HA system?
here is document for Daikin vrv smart control and SVMPR1 demo site:
username: Demo password: no password

Can someone help me?

Thank you!!!




Do you found any solution on this Daikin VRV integration?

I am looking for this too.


You need to figure out the protocol and then I can try to help you build an integration.

Check the whirlpool forum and see if someone managed to figure out the protocol.


Hi fredrike,

From what I could find from Google, this Daikin system use ModBus protocol with DIII-NET connection.

Reference Documents:

Could you have a look on this?

Similar thread: Integration with Daikin VRV smartphone control.


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There is a modbus component in home-assistant but I do not have any experience with it. Do you have an app or web page you can control your devices via?

Hi fredrike!
I appreciate your support for giving your helping hand.
Modbus dta116a51 connected via pi (from daikin ~ webserver). I control my devices via local webserver (for my case I control via daikin PI’s ip address).
I have demo site:
Thank a lot

I need to see the source code for your webpage to be able to help…

Ok. How do I get source code from my webpage??? Or do you have tools to download all source from my daikin local webpage? Sorry!!! I’m noob

It is web page to control.

The demo website is the same as per provided by @braverynew.


Now demo webpage is running. You can see source code.

Any updates on this?


Ok so I had a look at the web-page. And it should be possible to do basic control by implementing REST sensors/switches into HA ( And then build a Generic AC from that (

The demo page does however not send any actual data so you need to capture the commands,,open%20the%20saved%20HAR%20file.

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I am struggle with this aswell, for an internship I need to connect the airco (VRV IV) with an Home Automation.
Did anyone found a Solution for this?
Are they using API’s with this modbus DTA116A51?

Thanks for the help,


Luc Sieben

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hello i have daikin FXEQ-AV cannot control with any ir protocols.
Anyone figured it with some it codes?

Sorry to get this very old topic, but I want to help to develop a good driver for it.
IS the demo website running?
Do you have the raspberry card image for download?

My intention is to have this driver developed to home assistant, control4 and ELAN home automation systems.

demo website still running. I don’t know how to clone card image. If you need I’ll clone sdcard image and send to you.

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Hello, can you send me the card clone image ?

Hello, I have the same daikin control. I would like to help with this rest api integration.
Someone has this running?
Thanks in advance.