Is 16GB of storage enough to run HA?

Hey everyone , is 16 GB of storage enough ? Developers recommend a class 10 sd card with 32 GB of storage but I only have a old 16GB sd card from my phone . Does anyone run out of storage with 16Gb? Pls help me out guys.

It should work fine :), I use the same :slight_smile:

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Agreed. 16 is plenty.

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16 gigs of storage space is more than enough. I’m using a 32 gig card myself but never get below 92% of storage space left.
I would not recommend a too old sd card though. A fast sd card really helps to run everything nice and smooth. Especially when you have a lot of sensors and there is a lot of reading and writing done on the background.

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Thanks man

16GB should be enough… In my case I’m also using 32GB. In my case, my used storage is 11GB…
The reason is because I’m using ambiances, where several moods videos also are being played on my tv…

Hi there,
why does HA need several GB as the image is less than 200 MB, see Install Home Assistant.
Here is said that the

In Recommended Minimum config it is said

That is not little. I say that, as I’m about to get a new NAS what comes either with an M.2 NVMe interface or eMMC and building up GBs tend to be pricey. Any chance to move some data to the external 2.5" drives?

Why does it matter what hassio requires when you’re buying a NAS? The 2 are completely different things.

Because HA shall be installed on the NAS, most likely as a virtual appliance.

16gb always been fine for me (no vids/capture), multiple devices and scripts. Buy genuine cards and high endurance even better. Need to delete the database every so often but I see on latest release something has been fixed around clearing history every 10 days.

Which won’t touch the NAS’s OS drive…which means it will reside on your data disks and it doesn’t matter what size it is.

So there is no advantage to run it on fast disk. Even USB 2.0 is fast enough?
There remains only one thing, as HA will properly always active, it would prevent the HDD to idle, so it has to be put on USB flash drive, doesn’t it?

You’re asking questions that are dependant on the OS and system you’re putting it on.

How do you know you can use the OS disk to install other things that you want?

Why are you limiting yourself to USB as an installation option? Are you sure your new NAS can even use a USB thumb drive to run other software? What capabilities does your new NAS have?

So many questions that you can’t accurately answer the main question you have provided.

Linux, Windows 10 and BSD support Symbolic Links.

It’s up to me if I put /data on the same disk than /system, depending how responce an app shall be. I can also configure it for databases see e.g. datadir of MariaDB, morover there it seems to be possible to Store each database in a different directory.
Moreover, I mentioned that I’m going to use a virtual appliance, so if using HypriotOS the location of the virutal appliance could be on any storage device.

For it can, it is possible with any Linux distro (e.g.Armbian as an ARM specific one), same for e.g. FreeBSD or Win10.

all answered and known

What does this have to do with a NAS you’re planning on buying? What OS does the NAS run?


Unless you’re rolling your own OS for the NAS you don’t have control.

Then what makes you think you need to worry about size?

So you’re not using a NAS appliance? You’re building your own?

Not really known to us what your actual plans are. You have been very vague in most responses.

it will run the OS of my choice, HypriotOS is my first choice.

quite likely that I will buy the ROCKPro64 | PINE64

I want to put HA on a non-spinning disk (HDD) as I assume that HA will run 24/7 and thus prevents an HDD to go idle, doesn’t it?
If so, I want to be sure that the eMMC is large enough. If it can easily (sufficient bandwidth) run from a USB flash drive I’ll put it there.

additional support to this question is given in Does HA prevent a HDD go idle?