Is Insteon Dead?

My Hub has the Led RED and no way of resetting it to get rid of it. It’s connected to the internet. I can ping it and Homeassistant can still control it but seems to have no way to connect to the App and the Hub.

I am Listening to The WAN show and they announce that Insteon is Dead! Is there another way to set up a device then the app ?


It appears they are dead, although this isn’t official

Take a look at this post I just did for someone else and see if it helps


Checkout this blog post about using Insteon with Home Assistant as well


I have still a new switch in stock brand new I will definatly plug her soon to try and add her to the Hub… But some feature were accesible from the app Like Switch ‘‘Power at ON’’ might not be able to configure anymore… Hope I am wrong…

Thank @mwav3 for the link I will try this soon…

At least they are still working. DONT reset your HUB guys, I almost did that to try and see how to get rid of the Red led…

I sure have Hope they put up a message in there APP …

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well, this is great. i had always been meaning to replace my Insteon kit because I felt this day was coming, guess i messed that up.

I do have a modem I could bring back up, but not looking forward to that.

For now I guess I’ll interface with that hub.

Doubtful, you cant even log in any more.

As a former Wink user, I feel your pain, as they did the same thing to us. This is what makes Home Assistant ideal as it’s primary focus is local control so you aren’t at the mercy of tech companies all the sudden shutting their service down.

Hopefully this insteon integration can “keep the lights on” to give you time to slowly phase out the Insteon devices and replace them with locally controlled wifi (ie ESPHome), zigbee, or zwave devices.

There is a python script that integrates to the Insteon Hub that might support some additional config options versus just the Home Assistant integration.

There also is an Insteon2mqtt package


Stupid question: If I didn’t factory reset, but did network reset my insteon hub (where you press the button three times), will the home assistant solution still work?

I did that Before knowing it was dead the faq on Insteon sugested that… but My hud is still responding to Homeassistant… But I have it set in my router to force an IP adresse… (dont know if that change something)

I just went through (a) process this am. First, I did not reset anything in the Insteon Hub as it still operates internally. So I:

  1. Signed up for Nabu Casa
  2. Went to my Alexa app and removed the Insteon Skill and every device/scene that was linked by Insteon
  3. Added the Smart Home skill and linked to Nabu Casa account
  4. Discover devices → 91 Devices and a bunch of scenes
  5. Happily use (at least my wife is very happy as she almost exclusively uses Alexa but sometimes her phone … now they are completely in sync)

Even better, now giving Alexa an instruction is very fast and the GUI is 100% updated.

I am surprised I did not do this before. I just added media_players and all are there. I have a Dayton Audio DAX 88 and can control on/off, vol up/down, mute on/off on each zone automatically now through Alexa. So much more to do.

I did exactly the same thing (network reset during troubleshooting) and sure hope this didn’t impact my ability to use HA with the hub. Did you get an answer?

If it does work do you use the login info on the bottom of the hub to setup?


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I’m really bummed about no longer being able to use apps and Alexa for my insteon devices. I see some comments about maybe being able to substitute HA for the Insteon hub so I will pursue that. I don’t understand why the hub relied on Insteon’s servers in the first place. Couldn’t it have worked independently??

Took about 2 hours to read and setup home assistant with nabu casa Thanks to all and this link Windows - Home Assistant
I have yet to see how to add devices but if I remember there is a manual way to link the devices just have to dig that up but at least i can remotely control stuff at the Vacation Rental I’m set up so i don’t need to change much just keep an eye on things and have remote control and alexa google integration so all my accounts after adding nabu and doing some house cleaning in alexa account are working fine…
at least half the house was zwave due to limits on insteon motion sensors that they never fixed… they were not a good company from the get go. This day was coming and I ignored it.

Will wait for Matter to arrive… Here’s how Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung plan to work with Matter - The Verge

Try the directions I posted here

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I just added s sensor… manually no software involved that’s whats was nice about insteon many things could be added without software. now the trick is find out how to set the timers

So I now have my Insteon hub connected to HA and can confirm that the “network” reset was fine. You use the default login info on the bottom of the hub when setting it up. All my switches appeared after the discovery and function as expected. Just had to determine which was which so I could rename them. I used the Virtual Box image to test but will set up a permanent solution when I am confident that the connections are reliable. Good luck.

I did a network reset, but now no IP address to use HA… How did you get an IP address after a reset

So my hub was using dhcp and after the network reset I went onto my router and looked up the MAC address to find the assigned IP. That is what I used in HA to communicate with it. If your router supports the feature the other option is to reserve an IP for the hub so it always gets the same one after a reboot.