KNX cover without position state address

Dear community

Short question about knx covers in HA.
A few of my covers only support the following knx features:

  • move_long_address
  • move_short_address
  • position_state_address (only 1bit open or closed)

The knx implementation in HA want’s a state address in 8bit (0-100% open/closed).

Is there a way to configure a cover that can only be opened / closed and stopped?

Thanks for help.

have you tried using the cover without position_state_address and setting “travelling_time_down” and _up ?

Any progress on this?

My installation has old covers which do not report any position. Actually, I don’t want HA to store any position information at all since any cached value gets incorrect as soon as somebody opens or closes covers using a KNX wall switch.