Kwikset smartcode 916 status and updates


I recently installed a smart code 916 dead bolt, and included it in my system. It’s added properly(or so it seems) as a secure node and I am unable to lock and unlock with home assistant, which is great. However I am seeing that when the lock is locked or unlocked manually the status does not update in the “lock” that was created in the front end. The status does however update in the attributes section of the states tool ie: locked manully, unlocked manually or by key, etc. What is the solution to make the lock on the front end update when these events happen? Also, how can I pull the attributes from my lock to send messages regarding events that are happening? I’m versed in notifications, but have so far been unable to pull the attributes out in anyway. I’ve searched around quite a bit regarding this issue, and it seems to be scattered and there is no solid solution. I’ve attached a quick screenshot of the states page showing some of the attributes for reference. Thanks in advance for anyone who is able to help!


Adding screen of the lock that was created and not updating. As you can see the status shows it was “locked manually” yet the option to unlock hasn’t changed on the UI. It still gives the option to lock.


I’ve been trying to figure this one out myself. It happened with my SmartCode 916 (zwave) & with upgraded SmartCode 916 (zwave plus). I see you have the Zwave Plus model. This model definitely updates state/alarms quickly, except for the lock component primary input toggle sometimes works, often is stuck in stale state.


I have been experiencing this as of late also. These locks used to update very quickly, now they are extremely slow. Might be worth a github issue?