Ledvance bluetooth bulbs anyone?

these are dirt cheap - has anyone had any luck integrating them in HA?

They look like the “successor” of this one here which now misses home kit support which allowed easy local control with HA by the looks of it.

But as I write actually I have them in front of me. :bulb: The reason I bought them recently was actually because of it’s rather above average efficiency in terms of lumen/W (~138lm/W) and not for the bluetooth connectivity. Actually I wasn’t even aware in the store that this thing is dimmable at all :joy: For sure the price of 2€ for the pack (of :two:) made the decision quite easy.

I just tried quickly to control the thing with the ble client with esphome but did not succeeded with the first try so I gave it up for now.

[22:59:15][D][esp32_ble_client:048]: [0] [F0:D1:B8:XY:ZX:YZ] Found device
[22:59:15][D][esp32_ble_tracker:216]: Pausing scan to make connection...
[22:59:15][D][esp32_ble_tracker:216]: Pausing scan to make connection...
[22:59:15][I][esp32_ble_client:064]: [0] [F0:D1:B8:XY:ZX:YZ] 0x00 Attempting BLE connection
[22:59:17][D][esp32_ble_tracker:327]: Starting scan...

Probably the bluetooth proxy would be worth a try too as in this case HA might be able to auto discovery the lamp as an integration :thinking:

For now (as a dumb light bulb) I’m still happy with the purchase because most “ordinary” bulbs often only deliver 80-100lm/W. Beside the thing can be set to a fixed brightness and will then remember it. Lower the output power from 6 to 4W hardly makes any difference for the eyes (still just very bright) but should have a positive impact on the lifetime of the bulb as the led filaments are not driven that hard (usually maufactures drive them to the max so that they will degrade faster :put_litter_in_its_place:).

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I’m thinking, theoretically, this might work - add the bulb to the ledvance app, link ledvance to the smartthings app, use the smartthings HA integration, profit. Surely, no local control here, but seeing I need like 30+ bulbs around the yard I’m very tempted.

@orange-assistant , care to try this setup for me please?

but the ledvance app, is only “LEDVANCE SMART+ WIFI” not for Bluetooth ?
this is a extra App: LDV BT not LDV WiFi

See also the thread over here: Add Ledvance Smart+ BT Bluetooth

I am also struggling with these bulbs for a while. The closest progress to integrating them into HA was flashing a HomeKit firmware via the iOS app (I actually bought an old iPhone for this purpose :smiley:). However, my bulb is not shipped with a HomeKit PIN, which is required to pair with HA (although HA instantly detects them after the update).

@orange-assistant Your bluetooth proxy approach sounds interesting! However, I’m just a “regular” programmer without deep knowledge in bluetooth protocols. Could you detail any further, how one would approach this investigation?