Life360 Device Tracker Platform

Yes, I do. If you don’t, I would have thought it would limit the number of circles it would let you create in the first place, but you said you have ten. Are they all in the same circle?

Yup. All the same circle. It hasn’t stopped me creating ones in the app. I reckon that’s the reason then.

Weird. I guess I never tested this scenario (or, at least, not for a long time.) I do have a second, free Circle I have used for testing. I just added some Places to it so it now has six. But, when I check the debug output, it only shows four of them. But for my paid Circle, it shows all the Places. Hmm, weird, but I guess not unreasonable.

FWIW, the life360 HA integration does only show a Place once. I.e., it records its ID when it is printed, and won’t print a Place with the same ID. I thought maybe that had something to do with it, but I just wrote a quick test script that uses the life360 package directly (i.e., no HA), and it printed out all my Circles and all the Places in each of those Circles, and it also only shows four Places for my free Circle. Oh well.

The problem of asking for reauthentication is back! I enter the password and it gives me an error!

Logger: homeassistant.config_entries
First occurred: 02:00:14 (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 02:00:14

Config entry ‘Leandro’ for life360 integration could not authenticate: ClientResponseError: 403, message=‘Forbidden’, url=URL(‘’)
Config entry ‘Marcia’ for life360 integration could not authenticate: ClientResponseError: 403, message=‘Forbidden’, url=URL(‘’)

aqui mesma coisa, no Fórum HA brasileiro várias pessoas com mesmo problema.

Currently having the same issue. Life360 needs to be reconfigured, but authentication fails every time.

Same here. Just started about 10 minutes ago.

Unless someone can reverse engineer the API, which I can’t do (I’ve tried), I think that might be the end of the Life360 integration.

It might be time to (somehow) let the core development team know that the HA user community wants an officially supported integration with Life360.

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+1, same for me :frowning:

Yep same here :frowning:

It’s amazing how much I rely on it for automations.

Here’s hoping something can be done. If it is the end of the integration a big thanks to @pnbruckner for keeping it going for so long in his spare time.

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Hoping it’s temporary.

Me too, but the fact that Phil doesn’t think so means it probably is the end :frowning:

I just deleted my HA Life360 integration entry, changed my Life360 password, then logged out and back into my Life360 app on my phone. It said something about noticing it might be a new device, and that any other devices have been logged out.

Also, on their FAQ, there’s this:

When someone is logged into Life360 on more than one device, they may appear in the wrong location on the map. You and other members in the Circle may receive inaccurate Place Alerts.

Life360 has introduced a new feature that will keep you logged in on only one device at a time to prevent the issues noted above. We will automatically log you out of the other device(s) that you are logged into when you log into a new device.

So, yeah, might really be the end of the unsupported HA integration. :frowning_face:


Please vote here…

Life360 Officially Supported Integration - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (

Have you a idea what we can use to replace life360 ?

Based on that, do you think it would be possible to create an additional “family member” just for HA to log into?

No. I do have another Life360 account I sometimes use to test with, and that one doesn’t work either.

Just tried that as well, created a new account and added it to my ‘family’, can’t use it to login on HA.

I have the same issue in HA, but I also have a device called Homey, which also has an onofficial integration for life360 and that one is working fine, so I think it is a HA issue.