Lightweight IOS version (for IOS 9.3.5

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I have some old iPad mini’s running IOS 9.3.5 - It would be great if they could be used as a wall-mounted HA interface. There are a ton of devices like mine, and at a reasonable price.

Would it be possible to make a “lightweight version” (scrape off “advanced” features)?
No need for device tracking and other fancy stuff, just bare minimum like status, and turning on/off devices.
I know: Everything is easy, if you not going to do it yourselves :wink:

Also related to the topic:
It would also be GREAT to be able to post a serious use of old ipads in various forums with topics “Repurpose of old ipads” and also be able to say The HA community is helping the environment, by converting “bricked” devices into fully functional up-to date user interfaces for home automation


Couldn’t you just use your browser on the iPad mini’s an access HA through the browser instead of the app?

Nope, that does not work… Tried different browsers…

Whatvfo you mean it doesn’t work? Doesn’t work at all or slow/unresponsive?

I believe its an issue with lovelace. Loading the authentication page in browser (which you have to do both from the ios app to authenticate or from just going to the HA instance in the browser) just shows a blank page in my case. I believe ther are other posts on the forum about exacty this issue. Sadly it seems there isnt a good solution to this. OThers appear to instead use something like HADashboard and appdaemon or tileboard instead (presumably to get aroudn the issues with lovelace.

Sorry :wink:
The login prompt never appears - a endless initializing.
Probarbly caused by old browser…

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Yep, same problem on an iPad 3, stuck on 9.3.5.
This problem is regularly popping on the frontend github issues.
My guess is that it is too much of a hassle to deal with these old devices.

AFAIK, the problem lies with the Polymer framework used to build the HA lovelace frontend…

Polymer 3.x works in the latest two versions of all major browsers: Safari 10+, IE 11+, and the evergreen Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

is there anything at all that can be done or just throwing away the ipad ?


did you found a workaround? same problem on my side with an Ipad mini 1 running ios 9.3.5. I’m looking now if jailbraking might allow me to update the browser

Same problem: I have iPad 3 only able to run iOS 9.3.6 currently.

It would be great if the app could run somehow on these perfectly working devices.

Good luck!

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Same problem: I have 5x iPad 3 only able to run iOS 9.3.5 currently.
some workaround :frowning:

Just decided to brush the dust off my old iPad and turns out it’s iPad 3 iOS 9.3.5. Was excited to get it going as I used it a long time ago and now it’s not supported :frowning: any solution would be nice.

I’m looking for a status only display for my kitchen and was thinking about running a standalone webserver and pushing HA data to it via MQTT. Haven’t worked out the details yet, but I think you could also control devices, or at the least, run automations with MQTT messages.

I’ll post back as I come up with more.

You could expose HA entities back to Homekit and then use an old Homekit app. Hesperus should still work on iOS9. The Elgato Eve app might work as well.

I have the same issue and instead of using Lovelace I use an Appdaemon dashboard. Not exactly the same but one can still do a lot on a iPad 3 with iOS 9.3.5.


Same issue here.

For an awesome workaround see this post: Options for Lovelace on older iPad (ios 9.3.5)