Lost speaker and microphone

Home Assistant 2023.6.0
Supervisor 2023.06.1
Operating System 10.2
Frontend 20230607.0 - latest

It took a while for me to finally figure out why I had no microphone a few weeks ago. Found input volume was set too low. Managaged to figure out issues in the CLI volume setting. All was working great. Never had any issues with speakers until now. Then yesterday I do the new update and I lost both microphone and speakers. They still show up in the audio info. I can choose my mic and speaker (both USB) in any app that uses them. There are zero issues showing in the logs about it. Completely lost now as to figuring out why no more speakers or microphone. Can anyone point me in the direction where to go now? Major setback for me.

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I have the same problem, my VLC-TELNET player attached to the HA server does not want to play anymore. Investigating now…

I do see in the log:

[00007f41421d4d50] vlcpulse audio output error: stream connection failure: No such entity
[00007f41421d4d50] main audio output error: module not functional

No idea for now, what did go wrong…

Major problem, as it is used for our TTS announcements :frowning:

So I have an update after working on this all day yesterday. The speakers and mic still do not work. However, after doing a restore of before the updates, they still did not work. So a fresh install of HA OS on another disk, and a restore. Still silence. So must not be related to the update? odd, yes, lost everything after the update and I know it was all working prior to it. I see no errors in VLC-TELNET player or other logs. Says it’s playing when it should. So not that. Rhassy is doing what it should, same for MQTT. I also tried another set of USB speakers, nothing. Checked volume levels with audio.info in the CLI, all good. Tried moving to other USB ports and a full reboot. Still nothing. Everything is picked up in the hardware list as it should be. My satellite unit in another room was not updated, and everything works perfect on it. None of this makes any sense. I’ll update when/if I figure this out.

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I guess, this is OS/supervisor level, not core…

I also do not see errors on VLC player, but well on the VLC addon.

There are a bunch of affected people, we are not alone… :wink: