Lots of searching.. time to ask for help with HA on Raspberry pi 3B+ With insteon 2423U

I’m just getting started on HA. Got it running on my Rpi no problem. Got the Insteon 2413U connected. Been searching for a few days but no traction on wrapping my head around it yet.

I’m not new to home automation… started back in the X10 days with the enerlogic and have been running Homeseer for like 15 years. I hitched my wagon to Insteon (hoping that was the right choice) and have over 50 devices.

My hope is to move to HA for my primary and just keep my Homeseer Rpi running as a backup. I have HS linked to Sonos and my DSC alarm and a few other addons. I am hoping to replicate this on HA and hopefully gain better control and reliability.

I just need to get an idea on how to get HA controlling Insteon. I have HA and Insteon connected and i know I need to link my 2413U to all to devices as first step but the best way to do that has not jumped out at me yet. Then I am hoping for some examples or help creating the automation and conditional logic.

Can someone point me in the right direction and hopefully a kick start?

@AgingTechNerd I am sorry for the late reply here and I have seen your name on other posts so I am assuming you got this issue resolved. If not ping me and I will try to help.

Thanks for the reply. No I’ve not made any progress getting HA to see my Insteon devices. So I set it aside.

Another poster said he got his to work using an ISY as in intermederary. I tried to order one but it needs a 2423S PLM which seems to be discontinued. So I took a pause and was hoping to resume once the winter weather set in. So I’m open to options or any insights you can offer.

Haha! Wrong May! Try it now! I used Insteon in OpenHAB for years but been migrating over to HA. HA has matured a lot but still has to play catch up in some areas compared to OpenHAB. Other areas they are leaving OH behind.

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So you have HA recognising Insteon devices? What Are you using as. PLM?

2413U. Works like a champ.

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