Lovelace button card (capital letters and blank cards)

Hi! Is it possible to use blank card with official button card? And is there a way not to use all capital letters?
I did that all with custom card
But I would like to stay with official one.
Can that be done now?

I don’t think so. Not sure if it’s in the pipeline either. @iantrich might know, he’s pretty active with lovelace.

I would honestly recommend the custom button at this point. The core button cards needs to be completely redone, in my opinion.

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I completely agree, the button card has so much more customization that I can’t use the original one anymore.

The buttons in the screenshot are created with the custom button card (and card-modder).

Oh, rounded buttons are so good. Did you achieve that with card modder?

Seems to be right decision, as there is no way to customize core button.

Yes, I used card-modder and button card, though I do not really know if you need both for this effect (I believe so though). I have both setup in my config.

Wow, yeah, I’m using the regular button right now. I’ll have to swap to the custom button. I had to jump through hoops to get a grid of buttons using the normal button.

Buttons look awesome - counting down the days until someone makes a full touchscreen (buttoned) dashboard out of love lace - similar to tailboard etc.

You will need to use a vertical and a horizontal stack to put them the way I made them.

So it will be a (few) horizontal-stack(s) within a vertical stack (otherwise it will look horrible on desktops)

What did you use to get the empty space? I.E using horizontal and vertical stacks by default stretch the controls.

It is a button-card component. With that component you can create “blank” cards. They will just look empty (no need to configure a dummy entity as you would with the built in entity-button card).

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Don’t you use slate theme? If not, could you share your night mode code?
Upd. Actually, now I see the difference, slate is more gloomy. So, would love to try out your theme :slight_smile:

Actually, it is based on slate. Even better, only 3 colors are changed.

Primary color and accent color to #555555

paper-card-background-color: ‘rgba(11, 11, 11, 0.60)’

Set this and put a grey gradient wallpaper on your lovelace setup. Sorry I’m not at home at the moment so I can’t copy paste my setup atm. But right of the bat this is what I have changed.

You can check here for more screenshots:

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