Lovelace: Landroid card

By default, Home Assistant does not provide any card for controlling Landroid lawnmower. This card displays the state and allows to control your robot.

Early i made a Worx Landroid Package but i always wanted to made it as a custom card because it is simplest way to add my work to Home Assistant.

I forked a vacuum card from Denys Dovhan vacuum card and changed it to work with custom integration landroid_cloud by @BlackChart. Thank them for their work :+1:


I hope that you like it. Enjoy


What is user’s language setting in Home Assistant?

Not sure what that translates to, but could be some miscalculation of the next scheduled start?!
Does your log reveal any errors related to landroid_cloud?

I don’t have a language in user settings

This is from my code, if attribute is Null or undefined than next_scheduled_start = ‘1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00’.

Look at here

Can you publish attributes of your mower w/o SN and MAC?

Language italiano

Click on mower’s pictures, open attributes. What is in Next scheduled start?

I update cloud Landroid to 2.3 and now is ok

I am not able to create the card:
I installed it using HACS and I have it in “Frontend Integration”. I restated the server still I am getting: “Custom element doesn’t exist: landroid-card.”

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Me too. Did you get this resolved @thuva ?

FYI - GitHub - MTrab/landroid_cloud: Landroid Cloud component for Home Assistant is broken from 2022.9.7 :frowning:

I need to do some traffic sniffing, as some URLS and parameters have changed in the API.
That’s the big downside of using a non-public, undocumented, API to an integration.

Will report inhere when a fixed version is released.

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And just to correct myself - this has nothing to do with the HA version. It’s an URL and parameter change in the API that I need to sniff out.
ALL HA versions are affected by this. Expect at least a week before there will be any time to fix this - sorry.

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Small followup.

Just received an invite to Positec (the brand behind Landroid) private girhub repo - meaning they finally have agreed to supply all information to help make a super strong and reliable integration to their products.


That’s cool :+1: Congratulation! :tada:

Fix is up now, should fix Worx and Landxcape logins. Kress is still not working, in case any of you uses that one.