Worx Landroid Package (Deprecated)

DEPRECATED. This is old package that’s working with landroid_cloud integration version < 2.0.4

If you want a new custom landroid card, you can find it here

Hi all.

I make config for Worx Landroid M500 WR141E based on based on Landroid Cloud by @BlackChart

For details see here:


Update (02.11.2021):
Added support for:
Party Mode
Edgecut service
Multizone support (not tested)

Please update images too

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Hi all.

I make config for Worx Landroid M500 WR141E based on based on Landroid Cloud by @BlackChart

For details see here:


Update (02.11.2021):
Added support for:
Party Mode
Edgecut service
Multizone support (not tested)

Please update images too


Hello Barmalej, looks great. Just ordered my Landroid M500 and will try your package as soon as I got the mower working. Thanks for sharing this!

Beeing a total knob when it comes to coding I am following this thread with great interest.
I just ordered a M700 yesterday (10 days delivery) and hope someone got time before then to write a “how to succeed” to connect this in to Hassio.

Great work…

Hey, this looks great. However being a total newbie in hassio I’m trying to figure out how to set this up.
" 3. Add to your Lovelace config content from file add_to_lovelace.yaml" - i don’t have a lovelace.yaml file, do I just create this, if so where?

I’m running the RPI3 image version of Hassio (HassOS 2.12), got a Landroid Worx WR105Si - I have installed https://github.com/virtualzone/landroid-bridge (as it was a simple click to install solution).
Could not get any info from my mower with this though, although I see the mower has been assigned a IP on my network. Just stuck in “loading”…The official mobile app doesn’t seem to work either, I can add the mower but I cannot change for example the scheduler and do not get any info like battery info etc.in the app. Newest firmware is installed as well.

Any help is appreciated, good job on this!

See here halandroid/help/work_with_lovelace.md at master · Barma-lej/halandroid · GitHub

Sweet, that worked. Gui seems ok now although mower is still not available but i found some tips on getting log output from it so I’ll investigate that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m trying to install it but without success.
This is what I’ve got:

Edit: HA is working on docker upon rasbpian stretch lite.

Got it working perfectly on my Landroid WG796e.1 (using latest firmware and via Landroid Bridge). Thanks for all your work @Barmalej

Took a bit of work to translate to English but other than that, works very well… thank you :smile:

Same here, thank you very much! Got everything working nicely with my Worx M700.
I have HassIO running in a docker on a Ubuntu VM. Installed the bridge on that Ubuntu VM. Only caveat was the systemctl-script/landroid-bridge.service file in which I needed to modify ExecStart=/usr/bin/node to ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/node to get the service working. I found that path running the ‘which node’ command.
I’ll also start translating to English now, maybe I’ll share that translation when it’s done.
Further more I’m going to disable the home assistant notifications which are default on and plenty.

Can you point me to how to disable the notifications? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I could share my already translated files, I might’ve missed some minor things, but all that I could see is translated.

How should I share it, btw? PM it to the author since it isn’t mine? Or just straight up post all the code here?

Remove from file worx_landroid.yaml lines from 509

 - id: 'landroid_status_notify'

to 535

        message: 'Landroid Ameise...'

Or use instead file worx_landroid.yaml file from folder add worx_landroid_wo_notify.yaml

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Or you can just disable them under Configuration -> Automation :wink:

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For info, the Automation’s are listed as “Landroid Error Notification” and “Landroid Status Notification”.

That’s so cool, now I need to buy a garden with grass :smile:

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I changed inital state for Landroid Status Notification to False and for Landroid Error Notification to True

Thanks, I always forget there’s stuff besides manually editing files…

Just a curious thing I’ve noticed:
The values seem to update every few minutes normally (maybe configurable somewhere), which is fair enough.
Though they also refresh every time I refresh the state in the mobile App? So I can spam refresh in the app, and home assistant will update values every time as well.
I guess the bridge is intercepting every signal from the Landroid, but only requesting one every few minutes on its own?

Also, this might be a hardware thing, but the Roll sensor is just terribly inaccurate when it’s docked. Like ±100 degrees inaccurate. It seems fine when running, so maybe it stops reporting before docking?

I don’t know the MQTT Topic to get current Landroid state. But if you publish “set” topic then get you current Landroid state.
All set states:

  • landroid/set/start
  • landroid/set/stop
  • landroid/set/pause
  • landroid/set/mow
  • landroid/set/rainDelay
  • landroid/set/timeExtension
  • landroid/set/schedule/n
  • landroid/set/poll

I have always the same Roll sensor value if Landroid docked (±1°). Maybe you have problems with hardware?

Hmm… I suppose this means I could use a more redundant thing like rainDelay (since I don’t use it) and set it every X sec if I wanted to have very accurate data? Just a thing to consider, won’t be attempting this yet, don’t want to mess with it right before I leave it for a longer period…

While it’s driving the roll is pretty accurate (± 10 degrees due to movement).
When it docked two days ago it was at 90-ish, yesterday about 126. Today it’s at 247.
A bit over a meter before docking it does a 90 degree turn, which is why I’m thinking it might stop updating when docked (so the last value is from a meter ago). It’s basically brand new, so I don’t know what to say…

I was thinking it’d be fun to draw a map based on roll + distance (obviously not very accurate), I can just ignore the value when it’s Home. Though the biggest challenge would be getting all the data, I’m not really sure how graphs do it. And obviously this would require perfect connection at all times, which mine doesn’t have (60% lawn coverage at best). Though this was just a fun idea :slight_smile:

I think that setting a value every X seconds is not a good idea, because the memory cell has a limited number of write cycles. :wink: IMHO

Right… I suppose there’s no way to call a refresh like the app does (without the knowledge to somehow expand the landroid-bridge myself, and there might be a reason such a feature doesn’t exist).
Though considering how inaccurate such a map would probably be (as those sensors likely aren’t intended for something like that), I guess I’ll put the idea on hold for now :slight_smile: