Lovelace: Local Conditional card


Inspired by browser_mod and state-switch I have created a local version of conditional card. It allows to show/hide any card without need for binary inputs or other integrations. Perfect for displaying additional options or details without messing up other users’ interface.

Available on GitHub and in HACS


esta buenisimo, consulta como puedo ocultar varias targetas de sensores y solo tener una lista?

Could you explain it in English?

v2.0.0 - New approach

A new version has been released

v2.1.0 - Persistence, improved editor


  • Added possibility to persist card’s state
  • Added UI editor for nested card
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one word… Excellent
I was searching since several days a way to have these feature.
Now I could continue my ‘huge’ dashboard

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Unfortunately after upgrading to 2023.12.1 I have noticed an issue In HA 2023.12.1 card showing camera image is not working · Issue #25 · PiotrMachowski/Home-Assistant-Lovelace-Local-Conditional-card · GitHub

First, really nice card and thanks for your work! Highly appreciated.
My post is more a request as a feedback. From my perspective, this card doesn’t match my dashboard style (unfortunately). One feature would make this card absolutely incredible. If you check custom restriction card, it adds a transparent layer over every card, while this laser acts as a switc, to toggle to lock or unlock the underlying card. So any card can be used.
I imagine a combination of the transparent layer with this local conditional card. With such an approach, we could design own cards, add them under local conditional card and the transparent layer button toggles the cards on and off. This would make this card incredible.

Thanks @Nemu!

It should be possible to toggle visibility of this card from any other card, entities card is used just as an example. You just have to set appropriate tap-action and it should work. Would this meet your expectations?

Tap action should work. Then I could use button card and create my own local dashboard tabs.

Yup, you can do it right now :wink: