Lovelace: Mini Media Player

I just mean wait and see if it works before thanking me.

Installation with HACS works. No problem.
Card with the player, do not successfully create.
My intention is to use android tablet as the main display and control unit. Every member of the family will be able to control the heating. Weather forecast and other information available. I want to add an internet radio player… I don’t have alexa or anything like that.

That’s probably my main problem.

If you do not have a media player integrated into home assistant then this card is useless to you.

In fact why you have asked numerous questions about a media player card when you don’t have a media player is very mysterious, but never mind.

You can view the buit-in media player integrations here

My very first post in reply to you pointed you to the install instructions that included how to install with hacs.

The reason I did not suggest hacs later was that you had already started the manual install and I did not want to confuse you further.

I thought the tablet was a multimedia player.
what is needed for this player is not written anywhere. Just one sentence in the guide to install. I could have saved a lot of words.
I’ll try to go

Yes it probably can play multimedia, most tablets can. However whether it can be integrated into HA is the question. I have referred you to the integrations page. Other than to do that, please open a new thread so that this one is not further polluted by your refusal to understand anything we say to you. Feel free to tag me in, I am happy to try and help you but this is not the place This thread is for a specific lovelace card for peope who already have a media_player configured. You do not.

all dirt can be removed
thank you

I have a multi-zone setup (casatunes) and the integration i use exposes each zone as it’s own
media_player and each source as a media_player, but only the source- media_players have media info, so what happens is that when i add my media player for each room/zone, I don’t get any meta like track info and cover.

I know I can combine media players but I doesn’t look right to me and it’s not minimal.

I’d really like to display media_* attributes in the zone media_player for selected source, is there an easy way to do this with mini media player? Or if not, maybe someone have a clever idea on how to do it?

This may help

Hello guys,

Is there a way to set an artwork when the media_player is off?

What I mean is: when the player is on, i have the Artwork of what it’s currently playing.
Can I have the Artwork of the last played media when my Apple TV is off?

If I may piggy back off this: I’ve been wondering about this too. As an alternative, I’ve experimented with displaying a default image of sorts, but couldn’t find something that worked.

If I may double piggyback: I’m trying to set an artwork or background that shows when the media player has no artwork available (like Chromecast url streams and some other streams). I could not set this up, so I think this is not an option.

No, not the last artwork but you can set a background which will be displayed when there’s no artwork available. See the background option in the documentation.

Might however be bugged in the latest release, will see if I can fix this weekend if so.

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Hi, is it possible to show the background in a full-cover-fit style if there’s no artwork? So showing it like a square instead of a banner? I basically am trying to show all mini media player cards at the exact same size, with or without artwork :slight_smile:

No, best bet would be card-mod.

That’s too bad. Gonna see if I can get it to work with card mod then, thanks!

Hi @kalkih

I noticed you fixed the background disappearing issue with a PR over the weekend, thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to pull the dev build in HACS or are you going to do a release for this?

Thanks again.


Hi, I tried to create a custom card with this code:

type: custom:mini-media-player
entity: media_player.spotify_xxxxx
artwork: cover
  artwork_border: true
  icon_state: false

but it gives me this error:

Error: Custom element not found: mini-media-player

I have HACS installed on my Homeassistant on rasp, on my lovelace resource I have:


Javascript Module

can someone help me with this error? thanks!

refresh your browser. ctrl-f5

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nope… same issue:

Custom element doesn't exist: mini-media-player.
type: 'custom:mini-media-player'
entity: media_player.spotify_xxxx
artwork: cover
  artwork_border: true
  icon_state: false