Lovelace: Multiple entity row

I am using custom:multiple-entity-row to control my Automations. There are some input_select fields in “primary” and “secondary” sections. Is there any way to set time value without opening “more-info” dialog? Or, suggest which custom card to use for this look



I used to be able to just click on the entity for more details but since the last update (of HA) , the entities are no longer clickable. Anyone else noticed this?

After the last update also ran into this issue. Try to uninstall component and install it again. It helped me

They made some changes in the lovelace entities card in HA 0.101 that broke the default click handling in this card (see

Should be working again if you have the latest version of multiple-entity-row.

There is unfortunately no direct support for input_select fields in this card, so I don’t know of any other option that using the more-info dialog atm.

thanks. I realized that I am at the wrong place. I am using attribute-entity-row.
But maybe I can just use multiple entity row to replace it.

dum question

how did you get the max - min temperatures ??

Does it exist a way to use a custom text color for the primary and secondary values?
Can card-mod integration work with this row-entity card?

These are separate sensor entities from the Netatmo integration. There are probably other ways of manually making min/max sensors based on a temperature sensor though (eg. templates?).

Theres currently no built in support for custom text colors. But yes, you should be able to use card-mod.

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thanks bro

had a brain fart after posting the question.

I end up doing this


  - platform: min_max
    name: garage temperature max
    type: max
      - sensor.garage_temperature
      - sensor.garage_temperature_max

  - platform: min_max
    name: garage temperature min
    type: min
      - sensor.garage_temperature
      - sensor.garage_temperature_min

so happy camper

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only recently discovered this card, which could possibly fill the gap Lovelace made not supporting custom-ui extra-badges. I relied on heavily…

so, gave this a shot:

  - type: custom:multiple-entity-row
    entity: switch.sw_audio_auditorium_template
    secondary_info: last-changed
      entity: sensor.audio_auditorium_actueel
      name: Actueel
      unit: Watt
      entity: sensor.audio_auditorium_totaal
      name: Totaal
      unit: kWh

And must say, it is almost perfect…! except for the placing of the text on the card, below the icon in my case:


there’s no clue in the docs I can find, nor in the examples people post here, so please let me ask if anyone here can find the issue in my config.

if I put the entity in an entities card it is displayed ok I think:


only obvious thing I really miss in this card config is the option for a lock on the switches. Wonder if you could add that @benct ? Would be really cool and a full replacement for below custom-ui customization (the icon template is still valid as you can see in the screenshots I posted):

    icon: >
      if (state === 'on') return 'mdi:music';
      return 'mdi:music-off';
  show_last_changed: true
  confirm_controls_show_lock: true
    - entity_id: sensor.audio_auditorium_actueel
    - entity_id: sensor.audio_auditorium_totaal

thanks for having a look!


managed to show all my switches with a small decluttering template, and now notice the switches aren’t displayed as switches? only by clicking the entity, and loading the more-info (which is what happens when clicking an entity) do the switch controls show.

How can I display these switches as switches?? I see @olicharch use input_booleans which are displaying the toggle here Lovelace: Multiple entity row. I’d love to get that for my switches…

wait, never mind the too quick question above… missed the toggle: true setting.

this is the decluttering I use now:

  type: custom:multiple-entity-row
  entity: switch.sw_[[entity]]_template
  toggle: true
  secondary_info: last-changed
    entity: sensor.[[entity]]_actueel
    name: Actueel
    unit: Watt
    entity: sensor.[[entity]]_totaal
    name: Totaal
    unit: kWh


etc etc
thanks for a nice card, happy new year!

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I’m trying to do something with my temperature-humidity-pression sensors, but haven’t found anything looking like I want. Someone have an idea? The picture is an example of what I need. The idea is to have a card with multiple sensors in one row.

2020-01-08 12_46_23-Window


Hi @benct, thanks for this great looking card!
One question for you. I see this screenshot contains intermediate title: Single, Both, …
But I don’t see these titles in your GitHub. Is it still possible to create them? How?

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@benct, I have got another question.
I use your card with my utility_meter integration. So I have around 30 values of kWh and it works great! They are the state of the sensors which are created automatically by utility_meter.
Is it possible to define the number of decimals which are displayed in the frontend? Basically, can I use round(0) within your component?

The titles have nothing to do with this card, those are just section labels from lovelace entities card. See special row elements documentation for more info :slight_smile:

No, I’m afraid not. I might try to add support for it in the future though. For now you will have to use some sort of templating.

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UPDATE: See Below

I have just discovered this card. WOW, this can help reduce the size of a lot of cards. Great work!!!

I’m just having one problem. I’ve set the card up, but nothing shows. I can’t work it out.

This is what I have:

type: entities
  - entity: sensor.abb_usage
    type: 'custom:multiple-entity-row'
    name: Usage
      attribute: downloadedMb
      name: Download
      unit: Mb
      attribute: uploadedMb
      name: Upload
      unit: Mb
      attribute: usedMb
      name: Total
      unit: Mb

I’m not seeing any errors. I get the main entity icon and name, but the primary, secondary & tertiary values are not showing.

This is the raw from the sensor:

usage: ''
usedMb: 9833
downloadedMb: 8465
uploadedMb: 1368
remainingMb: null
daysTotal: 29
daysRemaining: 29
lastUpdated: '2020-02-15T10:35:15+11:00'
nextRollover: '2020-03-15T00:00:00+11:00'
daysUsed: 0
allowanceMb: 100000000
friendly_name: ABB Usage
icon: 'mdi:blank'
entity_picture: /local/icons/abb/abb.png

Any ideas?


I don’t know what happened. I tried again on another card and the manual changed.

This now works for me.

  - entity: sensor.abb_usage
    name: Usage
      - attribute: downloadedMb
        name: Downloaded
      - attribute: uploadedMb
        name: Uploaded
      - attribute: usedMb
        name: Total
    type: 'custom:multiple-entity-row'
type: entities

Just released a new major version of the card yesterday changing many of the configuration options, as you figured out. This thread could be outdated, but the github repository should have the latest setup instructions at all times.

I installed via HACS. Maybe it hadn’t updated the description yet and was showing the old instructions. It’s working now and this card is great!!!

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Is it possible to change the color of the icon?

      - icon: mdi:lightbulb-off-outline
          action: call-service
          service: light.turn_off
            entity_id: light.living_room

I’m used to the black icons with the tap_action - this is the default color of such icons in Lovelace anyway.

I was using the card in this way:

                  - entity: sensor.hp_printer_ink_cyan
                    style: |
                      :host {
                        --paper-item-icon-color: cyan;
                    type: custom:multiple-entity-row
                    name: Ink Cyan
                    icon: mdi:invert-colors
                    name_state: Livello
                      attribute: ['Installed At']
                      name: Installato il
                      attribute: ['Warranty Expiration Date']
                      name: Scade il

But i get only the secondary_info showed in the frontend… How to get also the primary attribute ?