Lovelace navigation pane on the left

Good day,

I’m trying to figure out a way thereit would be possible to have the lovelace navigation sideways, on the left. idealy, I would like to remove the Home Assistant hidden menu as well. Please see screenshot:

If it is not possible to move my navigation menu item on the left, would it be possible to center those in the middle of the blue menu bar?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

See custom-header add on, it is not doing everything but you can find maybe something that corresponds to your needs…

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Thanks! Much appreciated! :slight_smile: Seems like I’ll be able to figure out something with this add on!

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You can even propose additional features if you are not finding what you are looking for… I am using this add-on and just love it !

Haha exactly what I’ve done!

Requested features:
Center buttons
Navigation Buttons on the left

Thanks again for taking the time to answer!