Low-level CO detector?

Hi all,

Do you know of any low-level carbon monoxide (CO) detector in the north-american market that is compatible with Home Assistant?

Of course, I’m not talking about those smoke/CO alarms that are just binary sensors triggered when the CO level reaches 50ppm or more. I would want something that monitors the CO level below 50ppm. a precision of about 10ppm seems to be the norm for low-level detectors on the public market, which is fine.

Most of what can be found online are non-smart devices. There is the Fibaro CO detector that can be either Z-wave or HomeKit compatible, but it is hardly available in the US.

Still looking around for such a device. I found that the Amazon Smart Air Quality Sensor does actually monitor low-level CO, but its integration in Home Assistant is still a WIP: Integrate Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

The Amazon Smart AQM can now integrate into Home Assistant through Amazon Media Player (HACS). From the other thread:


Woohoo! Great!

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