Luxpower ac inverter integration?

Good afternoon, i do hope that the personal issues are sorted and you are ok. I emailed i think last Friday and another person did that let me know, but i hadn’t previously posted on here to let you know i was emailing. I wondered if you may have received my email. No rush at all as its obviously your personal time you are using to help people with but i just wondered if you had received my email about the Lux integration. I’ve been told it’s outstanding.

All the best and i hope this message finds you well and things are ok.
Thanks for your time,

Good day,

Could you please send me the Lux integration, will appreciate it.

@guybw could I have access to your integration? As a new member I don’t think I am able to DM you. Thanks!!

Hey @guybw please send for me [email protected]

Can this be posted online? or should we still contact you personally?

Can you show some pictures of the integrated system?

Contact me directly please, I don’t post it online as its been sold already by someone!
Pictures are on this thread.

can i have the integration too please. i cant DM you as i have just become a member,
locum2006 ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

(apologies for format - dont wanna get spammed!)

Hello Guy,

I emailed you last week and was hoping you could check your junk folder. Most time’s when I email someone @hotmail it goes to their junk folder. :frowning:

Thanks for your time.

Hi @guybw ,

I really like what I see you have done and would like to setup with my Luxpower inverters. Unfortunately I cannot DM you as I just became a member. Could you send me a DM then I can send you my github details. Much appreciated and thanks for sharing.


I need it, can you send it to me? [email protected] . Thanks

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Good day Guy,

Could I kindly request access to your repo email address is [email protected]

Is @guybw still supporting this?

This looks excellent, I am very interested in this intergration. I’ll DM you. I am new to HA but have a LUX Power Squirrel Pod AC and about to get a Tesla.

@guybw Please let me know the info you need to send me the configuration to integrate the LuxPower device to my Home Assistant setup. Thanks!

Hi! @guybw just had a new Lux inverter, batteries and solar panels installed, would love to try the intergration if it works and help diagnose if not! I’m a n00b to the forums so can’t DM you :frowning:

Hi yes absolutely, drop me an email please as it’s easier to track invites.
My email is my username on here at