Magnum Floor Heating

Hi all,

I’m looking for a integration to setup my new Magnum Floorheating WiFi thermostat.

Anybody (from Holland) using a MAGNUM MRC WiFi Klokthermostaat?

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Also interested!

Also interested here! I got an old one but want to switch to the WiFi MRC version if there is Hass support

Also interested in this myself, I think it’s a branded Tuya device though so not sure what our options are with it.

Yeah, interested!

Also interested! I think the z wave controller does work?

No doubt that the Zwave will work.

However my bathroom is equipped with a WiFi thermostat.

Anyone found a solution for this?

was anyone able to make this work?

I contacted customer service, they tell me the same. It is a tuya device so adding that integration should work! It probably gets autodiscovered anyway…

Do you mean the Tuya integration or HACS Local Tuya integration?

Interested if it works, any luck with controlling the Magnum wifi MRC with the tuya intergration?

Done! Using this tutorial. Don’t have a rooted phone, so used a combination of the Rooted Android Device & Bluestacks method. Short of it:

  1. Do not install and connect the Magnum Heating app!
  2. Download an older Tuya’s Smart Life app (see Youtube link above)
  3. Use the Smart Life app to connect your thermostat to your WiFi
  4. Install Bluestacks on a PC, root it, etc.
  5. Install that older Smart Life app on Bluestacks as well
  6. Log in with the same Tuya account
  7. You should be able to copy the relevant files (containing device ID, but more importantly the file with the LocalKey) from Bluestacks to your computer and find the LocalKey
  8. Install the LocalTuya integration for HASS from HACS
  9. It will discover the thermostat from your network, just fill in the found LocalKey, et voila!

It’s read-only for now I guess? Since “climate” is on the ToDo for the Local Tuya integration. So I’m using Local Tuya to read data only for now…

Maybe this helps someone!

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Thanks Marco,

I followed the tutorial and have the LocalKey. LocalTuya is able to find my device allright but I get lost in defining the device (as climate is not available yet as you say). What steps have you taken to be able to read the values of the Magnum floor heater ? I used 'sensor" but that dit not work.

If you have added the device with the localtuya integration, it will ask for the entity type. Choose platform “light”. Than pick ID 102, this is the manual temperature setting. Then give it a name, like “floor heating”.

Than, at Brightness (only for white color), you also choose ID 102.

Than, at Brightness Lower and Upper value, you fill in the lowest and highest temperature you want the thermostate to be set. Values of temperature are in hundreds, so 100 is 10,0 degrees and 200 is 20,0 degrees. In my case, I set the lower value on 100 (10 degrees) and the upper value on 300 (30 degrees).
Than you save the entity.

If you want to control the floor temperature with the floor sensor from Magnum, you can add a new entity with the current temperature of the floor. This entity platform is “sensor” and the ID is 104 if i’m right.

Now in automation you can create a climate automation with the floor sensor of Magnum or another room temperature sensor as the trigger. As action choose “call service” and choose ligth.turn_on as service.

Choose your created light.xxxxxxx entity

Check the box of the setting “Brightness” and fill in the percentage you want the temperature of the floor to be. In my case the set temp can be chosen between 10 and 30 degrees, so if you want a floor temp of 20 degrees, choose 50 percent as “Brightness” value.

Than save the automation and you’re all set!

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Hi, has there been any changes to this? Is it possible to do without an android phone?


Same here, someone got this working already?

Nope. Should be great when it could be added using new integration in HA or only the tuya app

My apologies for the late reply, I just now noticed your question (I am not that frequent a visitor to these forums…)

I have switched to the official Tuya integration somewhere in the last half a year. This adds a climate.mrc entity to HASS. This allows me not only to read, but also control the Magnum floor heating from HASS!

I have to admit though, I forgot what to do how exactly on the Tuya side of things. I think it was something as follows:

  • create a Tuya IoT account at
  • create a cloud project for the Magnum Floor Heating (Industry = Smart Home, Data Centre = Central Europe in my case)
  • under Authorization a cloud authorisation should be automatically set I think (with the generation of the cloud project)
  • under Service APIs you need the following selection: IoT Core / Authorization / Smart Home Scene Linkage / Data Dashboard Service / Device Status Notification
  • under Devices you need to link the MRC device, I think by using the Smart Life app menotioned in my previous message (not the Magnum app)

After this, you should be able to install the official Tuya integration with your Tuya account.

Also did the above. My device is recognized and I can set the temperature, but it changes back to the original value in a couple of seconds. I also cannot set the mode of the entity (“werking” grayed out. Expected “heat, auto, …”).

@DFKT Does this work in your case?