Map card map change

Good afternoon.

Is there a way to change the actual map of Hassio from the grey thing that we have now to lets stay openstreet maps, is it doable ? It would be great if we had that choice.

Thank you.

It already uses OpenStreetMap. It’s the grey style that you’d like to change.

Personally I’d like to be able the make a few changes to the style of the map, but I have no idea.

Correct. I would like to have a few more choices of the map.
A map entity offering more choices on info/colors, city/terrain/satellite views would be highly appreciated from the developers. This way anyone can choose to his needs/preferences.

I came here looking for this info as well.
I see it’s using Leaflet to do the display work. Leaflet has options, but this seems like we’d be editing the HA code and not just messing with configs? I’m pretty new to HA so I might be way off.
I’m kinda surprised nobody has figured out how to at least do a light and dark version for day/night switching.

Did you get any information on this?

Can’t find any info anywhere.

I have a 10000x12000px Leaflet tile map generated via DroneDeploy. (awesome service!!!)

But I’m stuck with OpenStreetMap, which shows absolutely no (zero) detail where I live:

Shouldn’t be too difficult to integrate Leaflet with some config options into HA, but what do I know :slight_smile:

I was surprised to see the only posts relating to changing the lovelace map card map are 2+ years old… it seems unusably low contrast to me. Basically how it appears in this post from 3 years ago… Map card with colour / contrast

Is that what it’s supposed to look like? If so, I’m surprised it’s not a more widely noted issue. :man_shrugging: Is there a way to change the base map that I haven’t found or an alternative map card solution? Thank you!

Also wondering… I guess no one is using the map?

I use the map card, but I would definitely like to be able to tweak it. Sometimes the areas are difficult to see (“dark mode” makes it almost impossible to see properly), and it would be nice to have satellite view or at least some color. Having said that, I’m at least glad it’s there. I keep track of 6 family members on it quite easily. I’d just like some options for usability/viewability and aesthetics.

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