MELCLOUD not working?

It works only through the browser. St. Petersburg, Russia. We need to think about how to manage locally…)

im going to try this way

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In France I’ve got an SSL certificat error since this morning (May 24th) and the last change of temperature sensor was yesterday (May 23rd) at 17h25 (Paris time).

The iPhone app is working as MELCloud on web browser.
The Android app is not working.

An issue was open on MELCloud GitHub project and someone says it’s not the end certificat (the Mitsu one though) but an intermediate which causes the problem.

Does anyone know to accept the certificat manually or have any idea to bypass this SSL verification?

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Yes, same problem here in Belgium.

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And in UK since same time yesterday

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The link now has a fix if you are happy to mess with the source code.
Otherwise it’s wait.

Thanks all

It is back since several minutes in France. For how long, we do not know…

Yes, intermediate cert is added to chain, but naturally to wrong place, what else…

Now my MELCloud works fine after some days of blackout.

Still doesn’t work for me. I think I’ll go down the CN105 route and leave the cloud behind.

This is the route I took, very cheap, very easy, and works great:

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