Mercedes Me Component

**UPDATE: This component is archived and is not working currently. Please check this post for more details.


My wife’s Benz should support this but I’m not sure she enabled it yet. I’ll check this out and let you know.

I have 4 cars active on mercedesme and i am very interested in getting this running. I would be happy to help

Thank you! Please let me know if you are ready.


thank you, this sounds great. Are you registered in the US portal?

I could prepare some test scripts to check if my idea works in your region.


Yes, I am registered in the us portal and use it almost daily

Great, I’ll prepare some URLs to check the results tomorrow. Thx

Could you call this URL in a browser? You should be redirected to the login page, please use your normal mbme account data. After a successful login, you should get a JSON document starting with something like {"response":{"errors":[],"status":"OK",

Please replace the details like VIN, location, license plate. It will be great if you could send me the output via PM.

Hi @krsandvik,

let us discuss your ODB-adapter problem here. It’s easier to handle.

Please give me some details about the app that you use. Do you see results in the mercedes me portal?


I use this app:

In the mercedes me portal I see odometer and fuel level, not trips or battery level


looks like that the adapter is using a completely different implementation and I’m not sure if this can be implemented without direct access.

Sorry, but please do not expect any fast solution here. Maybe there is someone who will share the direct access with me so that I can take a direct look.

Mercedes is working on a new API interface also, maybe the adapter will be integrated.

ok, so first, clicking on that link does not prompt me to log in…but if I do log in and then click it again it gives me the output.

With that said, I have the data but there does not seem to be a way to PM you. Is this perhaps a restriction due to how new my account is? is there another way i can get this to you?

Hi! And many thanks for the Mercedes component, works brilliantly in my HA.

I have a hybrid MB with the normal pre-heating system. One great use case to me would be ability to start the pre-heating using HA (temperature, time, scheduled…). The mobile app only allows starting pre-heating instantly and for duration of 15min.

Additionally the mobile app shows the hybrid car battery level, which is a nice-to-know (but could have some relevancy, “don’t pre-heat if battery level <X”). Definitely secondary priority though.

Do you @ReneNulschDE know if this preheating is possible to integrate to HA?

hi Jake, thank you for testing the component.

Yes, this should be possible. I have access to a car with preheating since yesterday and I’m playing with the API currently. Unfortunately, the car is not a hybrid. Would you like to share your config with me via PM? (Delete private details please.)

Please do not expect a solution in the next 2 weeks (I’m on holidays :-)). But you can be sure that I’ll try to add this. I have first to solve the ugly multi-car handling.

Hi, and thanks for extremely quick reply. Just like the previous guy, I don’t see a way to PM here (unless I just did by pressing this “other” reply button in the chain…).

I’ll be happy to share the config with you, it’s ready and waiting now :slight_smile:. Do you want it as from the url you provided (single string), or somewhat organized (tried to split fields to rows and use intend)?

…and when looking at the config details, there is also details such as “electricConsumptionReset”, I wonder if it’s possible to see the kWh consumption if this is activated (the car doesn’t report that anywhere).

Hi, send you a message. the complete file is fine.

I see the following options currently:


You can click on my name and then the message icon.


I’ve created a beta version of the Mercedes Me connector as a custom component. So its easier to show/test upcomming changes.

If you would like to test/use, the code is published here on Github

Whats new?

- new sensors

- new binary sensors


  username: email
  password: password
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Installed the beta version successfully no issue to report so far.
would it be possible to add name to the main sensor to easily identify/group them


name: mycar
username: email
password: password

Can you also add the following sensor if possible:
“trunkClosed”: true
“trunkLocked”: true
“fuelLidClosed”: true
“warningBrakeLineWear”: false
“warningCoolantLevelLow”: false
“tireWarningLight”: “INACTIVE”,
“parkingBrakeStatus”: true
“lightSwitchPosition”: “AUTO”,
“tankReserveLamp”: false,


I’m very intrested in this feature:

Example: select state, attributes, last_changed from states where entity_id = 'sensor.latest_trip' group by state

The idea for the future is:
  •     Have an automation that fires an event after a trip has completed.
  •     Collect the GPS information out of the database for the start and end time
  •     reverse lookup the address for start and end
  •     take the information and add a line in a google sheet

Are you running a sql database to your HA since you are using sql to pull the data?