Mercedes Me Component

Hi @VietNgoc , great work from your side! One hint: The service preheat should have the name pre-climate or pre-conditioning… (it was winter when I implemented it and it was not clear for me that it could cool down the car too…)

Thanks to you, during the development of the card I learned a lot of things from component code, until then I knew very little how to create such integration. :100: I will rename the service if there is an update in the future. :sweat_smile:

hello, in my mercedes me component, the service MercedesME 2020: Battery max soc configure do nothing… ¿somebody test and work success on a GLC hybrid?
In registry show:
Can’t configure battery_max_soc for car W1NKMXXXXXXXX. Feature not availabe for this car.

The GLC Hybrid does not support the setting of max_soc. It is available for EQx only.

ok, thanks…

@VietNgoc How can I force dark mode for the full card?

Hi, the card is now set to darkmode according to the HA theme settings… I don’t know what you mean by setting darkmode for the whole card. Do you want to have the card dark, now as it is for the light mode of the system, or the whole customization including the buttons by yourself?

I use a custom theme called Noctis. This is a very dark team. I have no way (=have not found a way) to force this theme into thinking it’s a dark theme. So your card thinks a light theme is active and behaves like the light version. So I was wondering if there is a way in the card config to ‘force’ it into a dark mode behavior.

I have prepared support for custom theme, everyone can set their own theme for card, independent of the system. But there is a small problem. Since the current map for the tracker uses the leaflet library, there is a small selection for the light/dark theme. So there is an ugly transition between card background and map.


PS: You can directly set the dark mode for a specific Noctis theme. :grimacing:

Noctis theme

      # Fonts
      primary-font-family: 'Raleway,sans-serif'
      paper-font-common-base_-_font-family: 'var(--primary-font-family)'
      paper-font-common-code_-_font-family: 'var(--primary-font-family)'
      paper-font-body1_-_font-family: 'var(--primary-font-family)'
      paper-font-subhead_-_font-family: 'var(--primary-font-family)'
      paper-font-headline_-_font-family: 'var(--primary-font-family)'
      paper-font-caption_-_font-family: 'var(--primary-font-family)'
      paper-font-title_-_font-family: 'var(--primary-font-family)'
      ha-card-header-font-family: 'var(--primary-font-family)'

      # Text
      text-color: '#ffffff'
      primary-text-color: 'var(--text-color)'
      text-primary-color: 'var(--text-color)'
      secondary-text-color: '#BAC0C6'
      text-medium-light-color: '#A0A2A8'
      text-medium-color: '#80828A'
      disabled-text-color: '#626569'
      primary-color: 'var(--accent-color)'
      text-light-primary-color: 'var(--text-color)'
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Well found! Thanks, works. Still like you option / potential support for custom theme even more

The problem of map blending with the background of the card is solved, the card looks much better with different variants of Themes… i will test with others and release a new version with this feat. :grinning: :grinning:

Preview of the theme selection here

new version released :love_you_gesture: