MobileAlerts / TFA WeatherHub Integration

Hi there,

I’ve almost completed development of my first integration.

It’s reads data from Mobile Alerts / TFA WeatherHub devices as it described here: GitHub - sarnau/MMMMobileAlerts: Documentation about the protocols of ELV Mobile Alerts sensors plus a node MQTT gateway and an Arduino UDP gateway

The integration has a config flow and DHCP discovery.

My next goal is to pull it to HA main repository, but for now I need beta testers. I don’t like to publish it via HACS for now.

Test it please if you can.


Hi! I would like to test the integration. Is it possible to add it as a depot on HA? I tried with the github link, but it says that it is not a valid depot.

Actually I found how to install it, with HACS.
I’ve started the tests, so far the T°/humidity sensor (MA10250) works, the wind sensor (MA10660) is detected but the information stay at 0 ( Gust 0,0 m/s Time span 352 s Wind direction 0,0 ° Wind speed 0,0 m/s), and the rain sensor is not detected.
The wind sensor is unstable, after some time the data becomes unavailable.

Sorry for delay.

I’ve made some fixes for wind sensor, could you please check it

Would like to test, but no clue how to install this (no installation instructions)

Thank you for your work :smiley:, quick and easy installation and receipt of data in less than 10 minutes from the gateway. I am currently using the Sarnau github you refer to. I have several MA10320 and one MA10650 sensors which are well referenced in your application. My MA10200 are referenced as MA10250 and my MA10300 are referenced as MA10700. This is not a big deal, as it seems to me that the values received are consistent (I have not yet checked). I have , TFA and Technolines.
Concerning the MA10650 (rain) have the idea to provide instantaneous values, and average. Sorry for my bad English

Thank you for the kind words.

I also have rain sensor and thinking about better interface. One of my ideas is to implement a binary sensor in HA which will only show “is it rainy right now”. What kind of averages do you think is necessary?


May be something like that…

It looks like entities of some integration, could you please point me to this integration?

Hello. I just started with Home Assistant, so please forgive if this is elementary…

I have trouble with the installation. I have managed to install Mobile-Alerts repo as a custom repository under HACS. But, what next?

How do I connect to my sensors (that are NOT in the local network)? I gather I would need my Phone ID to connect, but where is the config?

In Add Integration, there is Mobile Alerts option, but it says “No devices found on the network”. Same happens in Add Device.

I think I got this figured out, but as a complete HA noob myself, figured it’s best to write out exactly what I did, in case another noob finds this thread:

  • Added an Terminal & SSH add-in to be able to log into linux console
  • Installed HACS there (wget -O - | bash -)
  • Rebooted and cleared browser cache to get HACS appear into Integrations
  • HACS activation and linking to GitHub account
  • Navigated from sidebar HACS > Integrations > (three dots upper right) > Custom repos
  • Added the repo there
  • Clicked the repo open and downloaded it
  • Rebooted and reloaded
  • Searched for “Mobile-Alerts” in the HA Integrations and added it
  • Eventually (some minutes) the integration started to find my La Crosse Tech. / TFA Dostmann sensors in my network (Gateway, MA10238 air pressure; MA10700 temp; MA10250 temp; MA10660 wind) and I was able to add those to dashboard

(hopefully did not forget some crucial step here)

And last but not least, thank you very much for all the effort put into this integration! The TFA iOS app sucks big time, so HA seems like the proper way to go with these weather sensors.


I also installed the TFA devices and Today the integration (thanks for the detailed installation instructions) and everything works very well for now. Many thanks to all developers and if anything needs to be tested, I’m happy to help
Best wishes

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Hello Alex. Thanks for this integration, job well done :slight_smile:
I’ve one problem and one request.
Would that be possible to add a “forward to another proxy” instead of “to the cloud” ?
I actually have the gateway set to proxy to my NAS, which is broadcasting the info to an external server, then to MA server.
With your integration I do have now all the MA sensors but I’ve lost the prevoius function which I liked…
I use 3 TFA30.3060.01 models that have one internal temp & humidity & 3 probes… actually the probes are reporting temp 1&2&3 which is good ; but Internal temp & humidity are unknown !
Thanks helping


Hi, thank you!

Proxy is my mistake. I’ll just add usage of previously configured proxy during sending data to cloud.

There is an error in TFA30.3060.01 handling, I’ll fix it as well.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work on this integration, Alex!

I’ve installed the integration, but when adding it to Home Assistant, the wizard is unable to find my gateway (or other devices):

I can see the gateway in the app and my router’s UI. Can’t paste the pictures as forum rules forbid that, but the GW seems to be functioning. The integration is just not finding it.

Any pointers what to try next?

I’ve just updated version of integration, check it please.

Hi, what are IP addresses of your HA and gateway? IP address of gateway you can find in Mobile Alerts application.

Works well :slight_smile: Thanks Alex