Monitor your solar PV system in Home Assistant

I read it again and found it is not very specified indeed.(the quickstart is write several years ago) .
I will let my colleague to prepare a step-by-step solution ,with regard to
1 use the Home assistant to get the data
2 use the influxDB to store the data that get from the home assistant
3 use the Grafana to display as the dashboard
In my opinion , we just make a simple port mapping in the router so that you can visit the grafana server by the port of 13000


integration method interface refresh period
1 Core integration HTTP 1 min
2 Modbus/TCP sensor Modbus/TCP 1 s
3 MQTT sensor MQTT 12 s
4 HACS HTTP 1 min

Summary: how to use IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter in the Home assistant

we just added some materials to this step-by-step tutorial.

Great work. Can I find there short description about port forwarding? I tried to find on Your sites but with no success.
Or just forward on router port 13000 TCP to 8086?

What we had done is just do a simple port mapping , map the port of the grafana to the 13000 in our router.

New video tutorial:
Set the TOU(Time of Use) billing mode in the Home assistant

This is a universal tutorial about setting the time of use bill template in the Home Assistant.
It does not ask to use a specific brand of energy meter.

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Set the tiered rate billing in the home assistant

How do find the power meter with regard to your requirements

If you are a beginner of the HA, you can read this tutorial for beginners first

I saw else ware that the accumulated readings cannot be reset to zero and read why iammeter don’t want that available.

I have been moving the CTs around to check various circuits so a reset function would be handy.

Is there any code entry I could add to Config.yaml as an offset to give a corrected zero reading ???

1 “I saw else ware that the accumulated readings cannot be reset to zero and read why iammeter doesn’t want that available.”
we have already opened the reset kWh data command now.
please refer to Reset the kilowatt-hours (kWh) of the Energy meter by a modbus/rtu command - Community - IAMMETER

Is this what should be done with Owon pc321 zigbee 3 CT device ? Unclear if it is bidirectional:

1 CT for each direction on grid wire and one ct on solar inverter ?

Whether it can measure bi-directional energy depends on the firmware of the metering module(ASIC)
If the power reading is the active power.
Active power = U*I *Power factor
Power factor = cos(angle between U and I)
when the -90 degree<angle<90 degree
it means the active power is thought in one direction.
On the contrary, the active power is thought in another direction.
But some metering module will use the absolute value (abs) to compute "cos(angle between U and I) ".
For such product, it can not measure the bi-directional energy,even if you install two of such meters in both direction.

Basic tutorial updated.
3 Add single-phase Wi-Fi power meter into Home Energy Management (@Home assistant)-Just for beginner

4 Add 3-phase Wi-Fi power meter into Home Energy Management (@Home assistant)-Just for beginner

Hello @iammeter ,

I’m using the WEM3080T for one year now without problem and a perfect integration with home assistant. I really recommend this product. Thank you for that.

Thus, i want now to add some PV on my roof and I wonder if it is possible, with only one WEM3080T to get the Solar production plus my 3 phases (my home is 3 phases) ?

If my understanding is good, this is not possible but maybe I’m wrong.

Yes, if you want to monitor both grid(3phase) and inverter output, one WEM3080T is not enough.
The WEM3080T installed on the grid side will show the import/export power/kWh.
But the import grid power is not equal to the load power.
import grid power =load power -inverter output power.
And the export power is also not equal to the inverter power.
export power =inverter power - load power.

So you need an extra energy meter that is installed on the inverter side that measures the inverter power and kWh.

About how to wring the energy meter in the solar pv system , please refer to

That is clear. Thank you.

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Add a 3phase power meter(WEM3080T) in Home Assistant by HACS

Add a 1phase power meter(WEM3080) WiFi in Home Assistant by HACS