More intelligent vaccum robot scheduling


My problem
I scheduled my vaccum with home assistant. But I had one problem with time based cleaning: its not smart and doesnt fit to my life style:
For example I have days where I host guests or I want to watch movies the whole night. Maybe your a gamer who also forget the time or you simply have holidays and forgot to program your vaccum so it doesnt disturb your late breakfast.

So what does it do?
Instead of triggering the cleaning process just by time I trigger a script based on this blueprint. You simply define an entity and its state. Because my robot cleans over night, I chose a light group of my ground floor. If the light group turns off the script waits for 10 minutes (variable) to start the cleaning process. If one light turns on and off again in that duration the scripts will wait again for 10 minutes.
You can define an overall timeout. For me it’s 3h. If the lights are on the whole 3h the cleaning process never starts.

You can combine this with your coffee machine or other devices to determine the room, house or apartment is ready to be cleaned.

For dust sensible person as me you can define an optional air purifier that is cleaning the air the whole vacuum process and an overrun time so the purifier will work a little longer than the vacuum robot.


Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

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