🌐 Zone Notification Extended

:globe_with_meridians: ZONE NOTIFICATION EXTENDED v3 :globe_with_meridians:


  • ability to define zones only for arriving and/or leaving notifications / actions
  • custom conditions for arriving and/or leaving notifications / actions


  • custom actions when arriving / leaving a zone
  • define multiple zones for a notification
  • get notification for multiple persons
  • enable/disable leaving or arriving notifications
  • send notification to a specific device or a notification group
  • customize title, message and icon of the notifications
  • custom conditions

Planned Features

action buttons

Version: 3.4

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.


If you find bugs or if you have ideas for improvements let me know!

My blueprints
Advanced Heating Control
Scene based theatre mode
Simple scene toggle
Yet not another door/window/sensor open warning notification with auto close
Zone notification extended
More intelligent vaccum robot scheduling


When I try running this I get
UndefinedError: 'dict object' has no attribute 'entity_id'

Did you execute the action manually? Every person has an entity_id. The only trigger entities which are allowed are persons. If you want to test your automation you can change the state in the developer options of the observed persons.

I have an issue with this as well. If I manually change the state of the person entity from zone to zone, it works as intended, but it breaks if there is a “not_home” state in-between. For example, I get this error when traveling from “not_home” to “home”:

UndefinedError: ‘None’ has no attribute ‘attributes’


Thanks for your feedback. I will fix it these days, hopefully this evening!

I’ve updated the blueprint. Just check it out again. :wink:

Fantastic! That worked!

I found one other quirk. The blueprint doesn’t recognize zones with friendly names that have spaces.

For example:
Zone: example_zone_one
Friendly Name: Example Zone One

The blueprint ignores this zone and no actions occur. If I manually set the person entity to “example_zone_one” it works, but that is not how HA handles it, apparently.

TL;DR is that the blueprint only recognizes single-word zones.

Still, this is soooo much better than making dozens of automations. Great work!

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Thanks for your feedback again. Check out the new version. The problem should be fixed.

This is working for all the zones I have tested, except for Home.

For some reason HA does NOT use the friendly name for Home, it uses the lowercase “home.”

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Thank you very much for your testing ambitions. I wish I could provide more stable code based on unit tests.
The zone handling in person entities especially the home zone is a little bit inconsistent. I’ve updated the blueprint again. Hopefully it works now as expected. Feel free to give feedback again. :slight_smile:

Hi, Can you add manufl action to it? Not just notify. I would like to run for example script or tts instead of notify.

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Check out the new version. Now you can add custom actions.

Hello Panhans,
very cool blueprint!! May I make a suggestion? The GPS on my wife’s mobile gets very erratic and enters and leaves “the Zone” very often, even though the phone has not moved. At night this is really a pain, as the sleep tracker on her wrist keeps vibrating. So I previously used a time window from 06-22 hours for notification. Is it possible to implement that with your blueprint?
Thanks again for your work,
Robert from Mannheim, Germany

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Hi Robert,

there are several ways to solve that problem:

  1. toggling the automation itself (not quite elegant)
  2. add a binary entity to the condition
  3. two fields for defining a time window
  4. scheduler (helper) → more flexible

But I would wait until the next release (tomorrow). Blueprints will get a condition selector. So you will be able to set conditions by your self. :wink:

I will have a look into when its released!

Cool, looking forward to your next release!!!

While you are “in there”, would it be a lot of work, to notify multiple devices?


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There seems to be a bug in the blueprint. Sylvia is no where close to IdAW 104, so she could not actually be entering it. Sorry for the terrible picture, can’t take a screen shot of the message screen on my S23.

Or is OwnTracks fooling with me?

Hey, I think I don’t understand the problem.

The blueprint is just based on the state of person entities. If the state changes a notification will be fired. I just use that blueprint for geo locations.

Your history shows Sylvia entered ldAW 104. So a notification will be fired if you configured your automation for that location. But if she never entered that location your integration that sets the state for her is fooling you. :wink:

That is what I am thinking, OwnTracks is fooling with me / us!

“Blueprints will get a condition selector”, is that implemented already?

Right now! Just update the blueprint and you can add your custom conditions in order to block the notification for your purpose.

Cool, now if I could only figure out, how the “group” thingy would work here. I want to notify my wife’s and my device. New to this stuff and just can not figure it out.

Lieben Gruß