Motion trigger very slow

I just set up several lights on motion trigger.
The motion detector is the Zooz 4in1.

The issue I am seeing is that usually it takes 5-10sec for the lights to turn on. I am wondering what’s the expected delay and what do other people see.

My setup:

  • RPi3 for Hass
  • Z Stick Gen 5 as primary
  • Zooz 4in1 motion trigger
  • Mostly GoControl Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb, LB60Z-1

When looking at the logs, I see a huge amount of chatter and near duplicate messages. (Similar to what has been reported here: Very "chatty" zwave fibaro FGD212 dimmer 2)

Add your motion sensor to your front end and watch how long it takes to get triggered. I have one hardwired to my pi and its instant. However, some devices like this that operate on battery aren’t always connected to save battery, therefore when it does detect motion it has to fire up, connect to your z-wave hub and transmit its motion detection.

You may also may want to add some of the RPI system monitor tools just to ensure you aren’t maxing the processor or available ram for some reason and that is slowing things down. This is just a check, Im assuming the above scenario is the issue.

I use a similar setup but with the monoprice Z-Wave Plus detectors and it usually takes 2-3 sometimes up to 5 seconds to turn the lights on. I’d say around 3 seconds is what I would expect from a wireless zwave sensor.

How did you install hass on your pi? Did you set up polling?
Does your OZW_Log have constant activity when there are no changes with the sensors?

I’m having the opposite problem. Not enough activity and polling isn’t working.
My motion sensors are fine, but I’ve got issues with LB60Z-1 bulbs I’ve been trying to troubleshoot here.