Mount remote smb share on hassio

i made a script, to make it easier. But still after core/supervisur update sometimes it gets overwritten. Sometime no. Still i’m updating HASS 1x/2-3month. so not a big deal for me.
But there is an issue on github where guyz are working on mounting remote share and have some GUI for it. So in the future it will be, but not now.

Yeh it is what it is at the moment… I’ll be moving to a dedicated VM at some point in the future.

A little off topic but I wonder how often hassos gets updated. i couldn’t see a release cycle.

A little more off topic, if your environment like mine, is behind a restrictive firewall and doesn’t allow external ntp requests (udp/123) i.e. you run your own internal time server, you can decrease the boot time of hassos by putting your internal time server in /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf

This knocked off ~90 seconds off boot time as the script will not timeout trying to connect to cloudflares ntp server. Look for where it sits at “waiting for kernel time sync” or something like that

Nice if you reboot it frequently :wink: Hack on :+1:

There is a cycle like every week or two. Nevertheless no need to update to have the latest fancy. Just do once per 2 month and its fine ))))
Personaly i never had problem with boot time :-X


you can try this ( for HassOs users only ), work great!

does this work with a remote cifs mount? Or just a local attached disk?

Hey all,

i am running Homeassistant OS as VM on my ESXi. Tried all ways (except the one described by urko and reedy to “unsquash” the root file system)

Thats of course a solution i would like to avoid. My overall target would be to use mount a folder which i can use in the HomeAssistant media browser.
Do anyone else see another chance to do that?

p.s. already upvoted the feature request

Thank you for the upvote! <3

But now with the script it is much easier.
And as from what i can see,that on one partition the fstab stayes and is not overwriten.
So i can maybe change the script to check if exists already and just inject to another partition.Will see next update.

Please vote for my feature request:


Why to seperate feature request? it would not make any sence, just vote on my FR will post link
I have 42

Well I didn’t find a FR when I searched

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pls if you can delete D: it would be awesome D:

Anyone have issue/feature request where the devs have said if/when this will be worked on ?

I’ve found this interesting part in the blog post of the release of hasOS6

Operating System release 6 comes with a new, Go written daemon called OS Agent. This allows the Supervisor to access more aspects of the OS. One such aspect is to move the data to an external data disk or wipe data to start over without reinstalling. Note however that at this point, the required logic in the Supervisor and Frontend is still being developed.

So I guess they are aware of the issue and might already be working on it ? I’ve read a bit about buildroot which they seems to use. There’s plenty of way they could allow us to do the configuration at the OS level, it’s not “that” complicated, they are probably looking to deliver a full feature with WebUI support and everything… The Buildroot user manual

I don’t have any experience with Buildroot… I’m trying to find if there’s trace of something we could use to run a mount that doesn’t require to rebuild the squasfs… operating-system/buildroot-external/scripts at master · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub

The thing is when you have HA OS and you change the script after update the script is gone.
I have been that road with buildroot-external . The only thing that its possble there is a ticket on github reguarding fuseos but there are no developers on it. We need to wait for looooong time :>

The one thing that they could have done is to remove cleaning script to not delete the fstab. But they cant, i have a discussion on github with them

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Thx for the info, could you share the issue with us ? I’ll follow it at least to see if something move one day :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you very much. The ’ ’ around the shell_command did the trick for me :-). This is missing in a lot of other threads!

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I would not call it “missing” that quickly. For sure on for example my install it works fine without the ’ '.
So I’m sure, that the threads where it is written that way it is, because it just works that way for many people too…

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Seems I found a workaround: you can make a symbol link from /mnt/music to /media and use /media for media_dirs.
This way configuration won’t be broken even if /mnt/media folder doesn’t exists at the moment of HA start:

    mount_nas_music_folder: mkdir -p /mnt/music; ln -s /mnt/music /media/;mount ...