Move server control up

can we PLEASE get rid of the general config link that is 100% useless now? :


Also… can we PLEASE move the server controls back up to the top so we dont have to scroll to restart?

edit: Okay, I see no one, or not many agree with removal of the the general option. I know its part of the onboarding. Maybe we can make it functional through the UI? At this Point when I go here:

I cannot edit anything, Maybe this can change, or something? Idk.


-everyone -me


That contains the onboarding setup.

What makes you say it’s useless?

Useful for those of us who are configuring those things with YAML :wink:

which in over a year, i havent used once, nor can I since its saved in config.yaml

Worthless to have on the UI.

Just because you don’t use it?

What about the other thousands of users?

How incredibly selfish.

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+1 - the most often used facility but hidden away.

you’re kidding right?

who changes thier elevation, or measurment units on a day to day basis?

Dont be dense.

well, i cant edit anything in t here, i have to edit config.yaml.

and simply, for the fact that i ha vent ever needed, nor will i probabnly ever have to edit any of that…

but i guess a small porttion of users on yachts and Rvs must have it…

im guessing they edit configuation.yaml as well?

why is it on the UI?

A new user doesn’t enter it in configuration.yaml. They don’t have homeassistant: in there either. (and that is where location settings and time zone are configured)
You could change yours as well, but you choose not to. That’s fine, but we don’t all have to make your choice.


I assume you mean configuration.yaml. Please be precise.

im a stickler for nice looking UI’s .

honest question though. Does it need to be an option that doesn’t do anything AFTER onboarding? can’t it just be hidden away exactly where it is in configuration.yaml? curious if you have ever had to change units, and elevation? it has to be an edge case option that has a dedicated tab/page that cant be edited?

and to have it along side of one of the most used options: restart(at the bottom??)

just doesnt make sense to me, but okay.

(server restart used to be at the top btw, not the first bad UI decision (no disrespect intended to the developers)

I agree that the server control/restart stuff should be at the top of a page. It moved up a while ago, then has moved its way down the page as more stuff is added.

Time for a move up again.

The general configuration page should still be there, as it is useful for the mobile users, but definitely lower than the server control!


I use a lot of packages (not HA but other software) they all have options and settings that I don’t use, but some have options that I access a different way. I think I’ve sort of gotten over how Microsoft reconfigured the office tool bar into the ribbon, but that’s 10 years ago and I STILL rage about it when I spend an extra 6 seconds to find the obscure command I’m looking for.
But I don’t petition Adobe to remove commands I don’t use because I realise that they serve a useful purpose to some people. UI’s are ‘fairly’ regularly reviewed, and expect a few changes with HA as it moves towards a full release candidate. But don’t expect them to cripple certain parts because ‘there are other ways’
I see you have 0 votes

+1 to move Servers Controls up
-1 to get rid of General

I put the commands I use the most in the quick access toolbar and hide that damn ribbon because it takes way too much space.

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I mean technically its the only way right? Just wondering why it needs its own page that you can’t edit it from?


maybe im doing it wrong?

Isn’t it already crippled? 0 functions on that page.

Sorry I misspoke, I meant to say the opposite. Its useful for those who are not configuring it via YAML. If you are configuring it via YAML then the things get disabled. You should go back and read some of the older blog post about those who use Home Assistant in a boat or a RV, interesting concept I know. As you travel you leave time zones, elevation and different locations so you will want to update it accordingly.


I would vote for this too, but 90% of your post is proposing to delete something that isn’t part of the proposal itself. And that 90% is useful to some people, just not you. If you start a second request that limits your proposal to prioritizing server control, I would vote for it, because I agree.