Multi-server support in iOS 2021.12

Today we’re releasing Home Assistant companion app for iOS 2021.12. The big new feature: multiple server support. Find it in the app settings on iOS and Mac. Pro-tip: Swipe with three fingers left, right, or up to quickly switch between servers. Full release notes.


At the State of the Open Home I gave a quick demo, which I have embedded below:

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This is awesome to have :slight_smile:
How ever this raises privacy concerns as I do not rely want HA at the Office to have my sensors and location data but like to have to for the home HA.

I guess I need to make a second server now


As the Admin of the Office HA I can disable the sensors in HA but still users are not so lucky.
This should be configurable in the app per server.

Update to HA core 2021.12.2 at least. It was brought back in that release.

The problem is you can not configure it per server, so if you have the location service enable in the IOS App all HA server will get you location and you may not like to have it on the Office HA were all you co workers can monitor you.

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@zacwest You are the man! I’ve been waiting for this feature and it finally arrived, so happy to see this feature as I have multiple instances of HA (home, office, dev, etc). THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Enabling/disabling location per server is coming in a future release; it requires some core-side changes that mean it won’t be available until 2022.2 is out. You will be able to choose what is sent: exact coordinates, current zone name (home, work, not_home etc.), or no location data.

Enabling/disabling sensors per server is likely coming, too; I need to wrap my head around what I want to limit; e.g., whether it is all sensors or certain sensors.


Maybe I missed something or you guys placed a bet on how long it will take until a guy asks the following question anyway:

(When) Will this great multi server support feature arrive in the Android app?

Now you can resolve your bets :smile:


Perhaps at the the time the ios app will bring the faceid/Touchid, Android already has a long time. :sweat_smile:

iPhone 5S (iOS 12.5.5) - the App does not start.

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Love this, thanks a ton!

I’ll be the second asking about Android. Been trying to figure this out as it’s been a feature I’ve been wanting for years after setting up HA in two locations.


Tremendous news! What about multiserver support for Android smartphones?

Is it just me, or this three-finger swipe is not the most effective way of switching between servers? Is adding a button somewhere - in sidebar, for instance - an option, to avoid having to go through settings, servers and activate?

I end up changing input_selects, switches or input_booleans by chance while I’m trying to swipe (and it doesn’t always work).

Tried both in an iPhone and Mac, doesn’t work properly in either.

@zacwest Any thoughts on this?

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Not dust you, I find it awkward to use three-finger on the screen.

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Is enabling/disabling notifications also a setting to be considered per server?

Awesome work. It’s easy to controle my own system and my dads system.

Only thing I now have, if I use “shortcuts” in iOS, I have to tell to which server.
Do use for example in “shortcuts”, loading my phone: toggle lights off. And normally it’s works flawless, but now my phone is asking, which server to select, before the lights are getting toggled. That’s not really “automated”.

How can I fix that?

Thanks in advanced.