Multiple Netatmo discoveries


this is my integration page at the moment. 16 (!) discovers netatmo entities despite I have only 2 cams. I cant ignore it and tried it in the configuration.yaml to ignore but it doesnt recognize the platform.

Any idea what i can do?

Hi Flo,

I haven’t seen this behaviour on any of my systems. Can you please share which version this happens on?

Hi Tobi,

Thanks for coming back. This happened since 0.108. currently I’m on 0.110.2.

Hi all,

its start getting a little out of control. I have now 25 (!) discovered devices. Any ideas why this is the case?

Unfortunately not. I have never seen this myself.

Hi Flo,
If you’re adventurous you might give the pre release of the Netatmo component a go. It includes an attempt to fix this issue.

Thanks Tobi! I´ll try it!

Uhm…how do I deactivate the “original” integration?

Remove it in the integration panel (3 dots), add the custom component, restart HA, then add the integration back in as usual.

I can’t remove it. The only option I have is to configure it. The three dots allow me only to see the already ignored integrations.

Do you have any Netatmo stuff configured right now?

Nope. Here is the screenshot.

Ok, then I need some debug info to get to the bottom of it. I’ll get back to you on this.

Thanks a lot Tobi.

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In the meantime I configured the instance and removed it afterwards. Sadly after the reboot it´s appearing again.

Thanks for taking another look. I’ll look into this ASAP. I just can’t say when exactly since I’m on holiday.

No worries Tobi. Could it be that a duplicate appears when one of my presence cams is getting back into WiFi after it losses the signal? I have one cam on the edge of my range. Sometimes I have over 20 disconnects in a day from this cam.

Even if that would be the case it should not create so many individual discoveries. I assume it always gets the same IP so that shouldn’t be an issue either.

Hi @cgtobi!

Hope you’re up and well. I have 60 Netatmo Integrations discovered now.

Any idea what else I could do?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Flo, if you’re not on the current beta you might try the custom component via HACS.