Testers wanted - Netatmo integration

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To all the testers who don’t want to set up a dev environment, @vlebourl put the current development version into a nice HACS installable custom integration.

It includes a re-engineered data handler to reduce the API calls and also merge in webhook events to improve the overall responsiveness.



What to test:

  • Basic functionality after the refactoring
  • Webhook events
  • Light platform
  • Camera functionality and services
  • Climate functionality and services (setting schedule)
  • Service for home/away of occupants
  • Improved responsiveness of climate/camera/light(new)
  • Public weather sensors
  • Services to (un-)register webhook

HACS installable custom integration
We try to keep this as close to my dev branch as possible.

Be aware that webhook need to work to make the most of it. For instances behind a reverse proxy please look at this guide.


Nice! Will do some testing with my Netatmo Presence. Is it advised to remove the current integration first before installing this custom integration?

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I think so but maybe @vlebourl can give more details.

I’d recommend to remove the official integration, restart HA, add the custom one and restart HA again just to make sure.

Awesome, working well so far.

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I would advise so. I haven’t tried without removing the old integration first.

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is the plan to substitute current official integration with this one in mid-term?

After installation without removing old integration I did have camera light entity as a second one in camera unit. But switching it cause error. So I did remove integration, restart, reinstall new integration, configure and now there is no error… because there is no camera light entity anymore.

Any hint? (Next restart, reinstall do not help)

EDIT: For other - webhook was banned on netatmo dev. Solved. Thanks to @Iggskippy, @cgtobi

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Yes, this is just the unofficial sneak preview. PR will be opened for review as soon as the upstream package for pyatmo is released.

can’t wait! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately you’ll have to wait as PR reviews can take quite some time currently.

Removed the integration and added the new one via the custom component.
All is working well so far. Good to have the light of the Netatmo Presence back again :grinning:

The light part still needs a small change to be compliant with the latest HA versions ->
Light is deprecated, modify NetatmoLight to extend LightEntity.

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Hm, that should be fixed already. Maybe I didn’t push that. Thanks for the feedback.

It’s still Light in the Github repo :wink: -> https://github.com/vlebourl/netatmo_custom/blob/4e483cfa7eb7d504c68b6a8b4755a444c9ce3d39/custom_components/netatmo/light.py#L71

Will check the logs of the camera in the coming days to see if the number of errors is reduced compared to the old integration.
Thanks for your continuous efforts on this integration :+1:

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Ok, that’ll probably merged tomorrow.

Also, thanks for the kind words and also for testing at this early stage.

Happy to help a little bit by doing some testing :grinning:
Let me know if you want some special cases to be tested for the Netatmo Welcome Presence camera (if I recall correctly you don’t own one yourself is it?).

Edit: I have a Presence not a Welcome :wink:

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I own a Welcome/Indoor but no Presence/Outdoor.

Ha, I mixed the 2 up, I have a Presence :see_no_evil:

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In that case, the light switch is the obvious elephant in the room. Reliability and responsiveness would be of interest. And of course the overall robustness.

HACS component got an update this morning, please update to the last version (d3ac1a0) and happy testing!

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Latest fixes:

  • Only raise platform not ready if there is a NOC
  • Register webhook even during runtime