My New Motion integration EV Charging from Shell newmotion

After replacing the subflow with the new one i’m getting an error “Expired API token” and than “Error no token” followed by a timeout.

any ideas on how to fix this?

Edit: it seems that the problem was that the password is not saved in the Shell Recharge node causing a login error. If i put the wassword within the subflow id does work.

@joopmartens I’ve always used your REST code to monitor how much the car was charging each session. However, since a few days the “sensor.evcharger_nmha_consumed_total” is marked as “unknown”. Any ideas what could cause this or are there any updates on your REST code? Thank you in advance!

Hi All,

We have the home advanced 3.0 installed and solar panels. However, since we have a company car EV, we have only isntalled 6 kWp which obviously isn’t enough to use the full capacity of the charging pole (we have an installation of 3phase+neutral). Are we able to limit the charging current of the shell recharge in an easy way through nodered?